Grey is the new black!

The world of smartphones has long been dominated by black and white. Then erupted the craze for gold and shades of gold.  The hype around the recent launch of black variants by a highly vaunted brand showed that we have come full circle. But the smartphone color debate continues as choices and options increase.  The grey Le2 from LeEco has started to dominate conversations about smartphone colors.  

When everyone around you flaunts a smartphone, all that you need is a clear distinguisher that makes your phone stand out! While smartphones are generally differentiated based on their features, performance and price but if you care equally about the aesthetics, you can get the best of both the worlds in the Grey variant of LeEco’s highly popular Le 2.After all, with smartphones becoming a 24*7 companion, every consumer wants to have a personal connect with their device.  

Given the popularity of this color, gadget manufacturers have been coming up with Greycolored laptops and even watch straps!  The addition of this grey variant by LeEco is an example of the brand’s adoption of its UP2U philosophy (User Planning to User), where it responded in a timely manner to user demand for this fascinating grey hue. Little wonder the recently introduced Grey variant of its immensely popular Le 2 Superphone has become a consumer favorite in no time.

The idea of a good-looking smartphone may change from person to person but some smartphones such as the Grey variant of Le 2 is sure to be a style-statement for all. The new Grey variant of Le 2 looks classic, sophisticated and desirable and sure to add a dash of elegance to daily attire - be it smart casuals or sleek formals.

And who wouldn’t want to buy a phone that not only looks stylish but also comes packed with impressive features?! The Grey Le 2 is not classy only because of the color but also sports a unibody metal design. On the performance front, Le 2 is a powerhouse that packs in Octa-Core Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 652, coupled with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. This means you can multitask on your phone minus speed breakers and also store your favorite pictures, games & much more. Flaunt your Grey Le 2 and you have enough reason to make others envious. In addition to stylish design and color, Le 2 also offer CDLA audio technology which gives you an audio experience like no other.

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