The Green Explorer

The successful Turkish super-yacht builder that is very well-known for its zero-emission solar-powered catamarans, Nedship Group has now teamed up with the Swedish yacht designer Dennis Ingermansson to conjure up a 65 m green explorer. The concept pictures do not aptly justify this majestic beast whose main specifications include a Hybrid Power System that will help this vessel get to a top speed of 15 knots and keep sailing up to a distance of 6,000 nautical miles. This boat can carry up to 12 passengers along with a crew of seven, and the 210 square metres worth of solar cells working with retractable wind turbines and skysails will make sure this concept leaves an impression. The Green Explorer also utilises different energy sources to reduce carbon footprint, therefore protecting the environment as well. Although the helicopter platform and all the extra weight might make it pointless, the skysail has been specifically designed to reduce the energy usage of the generators and engines. Incorporating a steel hull, this vessel will be built to ice classification 1A, which means it could easily venture into some of the world’s most remote areas effortlessly. To add to everything, this yacht also featured safe spaces which you can use for your tenders, toys and submarines, and a diving centre complete with a decompression centre. This baby will be your new sidekick, who will accompany you to every adventure across the mysterious waters.