Great Summer Workouts

Beat the heat and workout! The heat may be killing you but you have must fight it by being active, there many ways in doing this, here are some summer works out suggestions. But in order to make this work you have to be committed. Plan out your day where can you fit in your time to work out and make sure you can stick to it! Grab a hold of your friends or family and ask them to join you, this way you can motivate each other! Here are some suggestions-
1.    Go for a swim, this is a great full body work out! Work your legs and arms and enjoy while you cool down.

2.    Yoga clears your mind and stretches your muscles! This is especially affective when you do this in the morning!

3.    A jog around the park, plug in your headphones and jog to the beat of your music, there’s nothing better than going for a good jog around the park while you listen to your favourite playlist; it pumps you up and a good way of keeping track of your stamina.

4.    Kick boxing, best way to deal with stress, let out all your frustrations by learning how to box! It’s a great arm workout!