Gourmand Talks - Apoorva Rao & Drishika Chander

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the saying holds true for women too. At least most women in today’s day and age who enjoy eating good food and at the same time are aware of the pros and cons of it on their body. Speaking about food, we chat with two young ladies from the city who’re foodies in their own right. In fact, one of them—Apoorva—is also a partner at a company that prepares and delivers healthy food at your doorstep, Fit Meals. She’s also a freelance model and has modelled for several designers and brands in the city and outside, too. Drishika
on the other hand is a fashion management graduate from Parsons School of Design, New York. After moving back to her hometown two years ago, Drishika forayed into modelling and theatre. Read more to know about their culinary favourites.

What is your favourite cuisine?
A: Mediterranean and Thai
D: I’m not someone who has favourites but if I had to pick it would be Mexican. I love it!

What is your favourite dish?
A: Shepherd’s Pie
D: I love everything! There’s hardly anything that I don’t like. I usually go by my mood when I pick what to eat.

Tell us a little about your daily food habits.
A: I start my day with a cup of hot water and then have a nutritious breakfast, filled with proteins, carbs, and fibre. I ensure that my breakfast is the most wholesome meal of the day. I then have a small mid morning snack, something like peanut butter with banana. My Lunch is also a mix of carbs, protein, and fibre. This is followed by another mid meal snack, usually in the form of a protein shake as this is when I workout. I avoid carbs at dinner, and my meal varies from Indian to salads to Mediterranean.

I try to bring in as much variation as possible, this way I don’t get bored of what I eat and in turn don’t cheat.

D: My food differs on a day to day basis. But I make sure to include a lot of vegetables, fruit, and water in my daily diet. Sometimes my meals might be simple Dal Chawal or Subzi Roti, and sometimes a healthy bowl of salad or grilled vegetables and chicken. It can also be a total cheat meal with Biryani and Sizzlers.

What’s your ideal cheat meal?
A: Burger and fries! I absolutely love it. And of course desserts too.

What do you like cooking?
A: I generally try and bake healthy food, like grills and salads. But I do make cheesecakes and all as well.
D: I like cooking but I hate the work I have to do in the kitchen in the process. But one thing I enjoyed cooking for myself when I lived by myself in New York was Stir Fry Vegetables with Quinoa and Khus Khus.

If you were to cook for a date, what  would you make?
A: Shepherd’s Pie. It’s hearty, wholesome, and my idea of comfort food.

Are you a health freak?
A: Yes I am and since my work is all about healthy eating, I have to endorse what I do. Having said that, I believe that one cheat day a week is allowed.

What is your favourite eatery in the city?
A: Prost. I love the food they have to offer.
D: The Matter of Batter

Any destination you’d like to travel to specifically for the food?
A: I love Gelato so I’d love to go to Italy just for their Gelatos.

D: I’d go back to Mexico. I absolutely loved the food there. In fact, I put on like three kilos in 10 days there (laughs)!

Do you prefer chocolate or fruity flavours in desserts?
A: I’m more of a fruit person. I like lighter flavours on my palate.
D: Chocolate

Dal Chawal or Biryani?
A: Dal Chawal
D: Dal Chawal

Biryani or Halwa?
D: Biryani and then Halwa (laughs)         --- as told to Niharika