Got to know about Dharmendra's star status through Google: Travis Jeffery

Australian actor Travis Jeffery says he got to know about the stardom of Indian veteran actor Dharmendra through Google.

The actor, who is working with the Indian cine icon in short film Dream Catcher, added that he decided not to watch Dharmendra’s films to avoid getting nervous in front of him.

"I did Google his name. I found out that he was a legend. I thought that I will watch his films but then I thought it will make me nervous knowing how good he is, Jeffery told IANS on June 2 in Delhi.

Jeffery, who also stars in Pirates of the Caribbean - Salazar's Revenge, will be seen as the love interest of actress Pooja Priyanka.

The actor says Pooja talked about Dharmendra a lot and that made it "obvious how much of a superstar he was".

The 20-minute film, which was shot in Delhi and the next schedule is expected to be in Mumbai, narrates a love story and puts the focus on the role technology plays in a relationship.

It was Jeffery's first visit to the country. The actor says he was amazed by the dedication of the Indian cast and crew.

Dream Catcher is an Indo-Australian project, being made in collaboration with Australia-based producers Rishi Raj Films and Kinopticon Productions. Being helmed by Santoshh Shivamm, the film is written by Rahul B. Seth.