Google Doodle celebrates Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge's 225th birth anniversary

Google Doodle pays a special tribute to renowned German chemist, Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge on his 225th birth anniversary.

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge is a German analytical chemist, who started conducting chemical experiments from a young age. He is known for inventing the first coal tar dye, identified caffeine and he is the vision behind the discovery of the mydriatic (pupil dilating) effect of belladonna extract. In the year 1819, he showed his experiments to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who had encouraged him to analyse coffee. Runge also invented the process related to dyeing clothes. This German chemist obtained a doctorate in chemistry. He taught chemistry at the University of Breslau, and he also worked in a chemical company.

In the special doodle, Runge is seen sipping on some coffee, while his experimental cat is sitting right beside him. The chemical formula of caffeine- C8H10N4O2 is also evident in the doodle.

-Akhila Kakarala