The Good Life – Kishan Lohiya

by pavan
The Good Life

Hailing from the family that runs the Gold Drop oil refinery, Kishan Lohiya joined the family business, Lohiya Group (established in 1987) after completing his education in Hyderabad. A larger-than-life person, Kishan is a true example of work hard but party harder. The boisterous lad, who calls himself a “teenager at heart”, is known for his chic and sensational parties in town, with the country’s who’s who flown down for it! Let’s hear about his life…

How do you celebrate the festival of colours every year?
For me, Holi means celebrating with family and a few select friends, with some good food and music. I avoid going to commercial Holi events that take place in the city.

What made you start throwing huge Holi parties, year after year?
I’ve always wanted to organise my own Holi party to celebrate with my friends. I arrange my own choice of music; have international deejays flown in, and use special, international-quality, herbal colours. Organising parties has always been my forte, and Holi parties were only a natural process. Just two years down, and they’ve already become a red-letter event for those in this city’s glam and fame circles! (winks)

…and your other tradition, the much-anticipated birthday bashes!
My interest in designing/organising events, and my ardour for international music inspired me to create my own annual bash, which I host on the last weekend of every year. It all began when an event I’ve curated in the past, the Auto Art show, won me accolades in the city. Each time I organise a party, I give my utmost attention to everything, from the venue and food, to the liquor and stage lighting, which ought to be swish and handpicked by me. The bands and the bartenders for the evening are flown down from across the country.

Tell us a bit about your collection of high-end bikes and cars.
My passion for automobiles is extreme! After mastering the art of designing an SUV, I created my own, which was covered in the world’s biggest 4×4 portal as the only Indian car to be featured till date. It’s also appeared on several cover pages of auto magazines! A few of the swankiest automobiles from my collection are the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc, Harley Davidson1200cc, Suzuki Intruder 1800cc, and the Porsche911 Carrera S.

What’s most rewarding about what you do (work-wise)?
Seeing my company grow threefold in the past few years for the hard work that each one of us has put in. We’ve been awarded for our quality and production by the CITD (Council of Industrial & Trade Development of India) every year. Being one of the largest manufacturers of edible oil in southern India, we’ve always emphasised quality. With four refineries in Kakinada and the fifth coming up at the Krishnapatnam port, we have a capacity of manufacturing 2,000 tonnes per day.

You seem to have a great fashion sense. How do you keep up with the trends?
Fashion for me was never to copy or follow a certain trend. Fashion is wearing what I’m comfortable in, which can also make me look good in. But of course, I’m definitely fond of wearing the best international brands. With my passion for shoes and glares, I have the latest collection that one could own! Having said that, I also do believe that clothes don’t make the man, but they definitely make the man look great!

You’re always in shape – what’s your fitness secret?
Personally, I derive happiness from looking good. So I train with the best trainers in the country. Right from eating the right food to working out to maintain the six-pack, the secret lies in understanding the balance between the two, which I’ve mastered gradually.

What are your hobbies and interests?
My hobbies include designing cars. I’m also a registered shooter with the Rifle Association of the state, and I practice at my personal shooting range at home. I also love archery and music. For the latter, I travel all over the world to attend some of the best music concerts and festivals.

One thing about you that not many know?
That I’m spiritual.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
Ibiza and Key West.     – as told to Sumana

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