Go Organic - We all know that going natural is very effective; hence, using organic makeup can save your skin from harmful chemicals and ingredients.

Makeup is an essential part of many people’s daily routine. However, regular use of makeup tends to have a negative impact on the skin after some time. The chemicals and ingredients used to prepare it can take away the natural glow and health of your skin, making the skin dependent on the regular use of the products. Since you cannot avoid makeup, especially if you’re a working professional or socially active, it’s advisable to replace your regular cosmetics with organic products.

We all know that going natural is very effective; hence, using organic makeup can save your skin from harmful chemicals and ingredients.

While there are a dime-a-dozen brands available in the market that offer good quality organic products, there are certain parameters that these products should meet. It is essential for them to contain high quality ingredients, preferably of a reliable brand. It is also important to ensure that the chosen product is gluten-free, vegan, not tested on animals, and has an approved certification. Notably, the USDA is the standard American institute that approves the quality of these products.


Secondly, while looking for organic makeup products, you should be conscious about the products being safe and free of toxins. A good cosmetic brand generally lists most of its healthy ingredients on its label. Hence, any cosmetic product that claims to be organic, natural or eco-friendly without listing its ingredients is often not trustworthy.

Nowadays, an increasing number of women and men are trashing their conventional, chemical-laden cosmetics, and personal care products in favour of more natural and organic varieties. Cosmetics and their ingredients do not have to undergo any type of approval, and the terms “natural” and “organic” don’t have any fixed definition. In other words, when it comes to labelling, it’s a free-for-all!
Some products which claim to be organic may have only one main ingredient which is natural, along with other chemical ones…and still claim to be natural or organic! Carefully reading the ingredients


label can be an effective way to sort out the truly organic products from the cosmetic ones. It’s a good idea to avoid products with the following ingredients:

Parabens. These are preservatives that have been linked to cancer.

Phthalates. These are chemicals used in fragrances that can be harmful to your reproductive system.


Chemical ingredients may irritate sensitive skin and may even cause allergic reactions. They are known to cause pigmentation, also called ‘berlique dermatitis’, when used and exposed to sunlight.

So go the organic way for a more radiant, eternally glowing skin.    – Dr Padmavathi Surapaneni