Go HIIT or Go Home!

Although fitness has always been important, it’s gained considerable momentum over the last few years. More and more people have adopted various exercise routines to ensure that they get their daily workout dose. And a fit bod is not the only motivation; maintaining a healthy body and mind has also become major inspiration to hit the gym.

And while we understand the importance of physical activity, it can be tricky to incorporate it into our busy lives. Making time for the gym, or even an hour of jogging every day, is easier said than done. This is where HIIT comes in. HIIT – or high intensity interval training – is a fantastic way to get a great workout in minimal time. HIIT consists of short bursts of high intensity exercise, which is distributed between periods of rest and recovery. There are plenty of benefits to living the HIIT life…check them out!

No wasting time. The main appeal of HIIT is that it’s a major time-saver. You don’t have to spend hours every day to make a difference to your overall fitness level; a short period of time daily is all you need to see a swift change in your body. Studies have shown that even 15 minutes of high intensity interval training can burn more calories than a full hour on a treadmill! This workout is great for people looking to squeeze in some physical activity but can’t seem to find the time due to work and family commitments. High intensity interval training has also been proven to burn 25-30% more calories than many other forms of exercise! 20 seconds of non-stop, extreme workout, followed by 40 seconds of rest should do the trick.

Burn even after you’re done. Another great feature of high intensity interval training is that you continue burning fat and calories even hours after you’ve completed the workout! This exercise regime sends your body’s repair cycle into hyper drive. This basically means that many hours after you hit the gym, your body continues to burn fat and calories even though the workout is over. Steady and paced workouts do not carry this benefit, which is a result of EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. After your workout, your body increases its oxygen consumption so much that you burn fat 9x faster than you normally do! This is one of the reasons so many fitness enthusiasts have been opting for HIIT.

Boosts metabolism. High intensity interval training also helps speed up your metabolism. Again, this is due to the high oxygen intake that’s demanded by the body after the workout is over. The metabolism boost enables you to burn calories at high speed, which means the results of the workout are visible more quickly. As a result, you can burn fat much faster than you would if you were following a regular, steady-state cardio workout. Research has proven that high intensity interval training initiates a shift in using fat for energy rather than using carbs!

No special equipment needed. The gym can be a confusing place, as it’s filled with many confusing machines and devices that can leave a newcomer overwhelmed. People go through training for weeks to be able to handle some of the equipment in state-of-the-art fitness facilities. They are also extremely expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket, which makes it hard for you to workout at home and forces you to visit the gym. However, when it comes to HIIT, most workouts are dependent only on your body. While a few HIIT routines require a treadmill and other basic equipment, the most popular routines require simple jumping jacks or sprints. All you need is some space. It’s time to HIIT it!        - Rubaina