Go Binge!

With busy schedules, deadlines that take up most of our time, social obligations that have to be fulfilled, every person deserves a day out for watching their most loved sitcom or one that has been in the pipeline for quite some time now. This is a list of four sitcoms that define the word evergreen when it comes to binge-watching!

Friends – This ten seasons long sitcom makes you wish every time that it would never end and the characters would grow old with you. Not too complicated, you can start watching it from any season and go on late into the night. Bossy Monica, sarcastic Chandler, grumpy Ross, pretty Rachel, hilarious Phoebe and Joey just being Joey – these characters revolutionised the way people relate to sitcoms.

Grey’s Anatomy – This show revolves around the protagonist Meredith Grey and her fellow medicos and their professional and personal journey at Seattle Grey Hospital. There is romance brewing in every examination room, tears and break ups following it and turning into love triangles with fights, deaths and drama to the core.

Gossip Girl – Whether you watch it for your daily dose of fashion or gossip from the Upper East Side, this is one sitcom that can get you hooked on. The high school life tangled with being kids of upstarts and backstabbing and cheating that comes with it, you just cannot press the pause button.

Breaking Bad - Breaking Bad tells the story of high-school Chemistry teacher Walter White, who’s diagnosed with lung cancer. After finding out it’s inoperable, Walter starts producing and selling crystal meth in order to secure his family’s financial future.