Global Vaastu

by mediology

Life coaching, vaastu shastra, astrology, numerology or Fengshui–Girender Bharti knows them all. His interventions on behalf of clients always produce positive results and enhance his reputation. He shares with You & I some basic features of the lesser-known practice of global vaastu.
Tell us about your work?
I am a global vaastu achharya. Global vaastu is a practice that helps people remove hurdles they face in their personal or professional lives. It is a refined fusion of Vedic vaastu, astrology, numerology and Feng shui. I have been doing this for the past 15 years and have worked under many masters. I learned Feng shui, vaastu and then energy vaastu. I am also a life coach and help people by imparting mind-control techniques. During this spiritual journey I realised that vaastu was the best method to help people. Vaastu and energy rectification give my clients quick and satisfactory results without their direct involvement.
Global vaastu achharya 
What’s involved in the process?
My team and I go to a client’s house and, using Google Earth, pinpoint the true north. Vaastu is an interplay of directions and various forms of energies. Once the true north is determined, we grid the map. After that we work on the 32 entrances, 16 zones, five elements and 45 forces. All these factors form an essential part of vaastu. Vaastu can be best used in collaboration with architects, when clients are moving into a new house or office.
What are these 45 forces?
These forces are actually the devtas shown in the Vaastu Purush Mandala. Once people get deep into vaastu, they learn that all the forces or devtas are assigned a particular task. If a person is facing some problem in life, we activate the particular devta that is not working properly.
What do you do to activate these devtas?
Apart from what I mentioned earlier, we also check the energies of the place in question. We use special techniques to do so, the most important being the environmental energies. They are present between the roof and the floor. We also analyse the energy that flows underground. That too forms an important part, because if it is negative it can cause many harmful diseases. Sometimes these devtas are overactivated, and we have to weaken them for desired effects and vice versa.
check the energies of the house 
Do you only check the energies of the house?
We also pay a lot of attention to the people’s energies. There are three energies that we check: cosmic, global and telluric. A person starts resonating with the energies of a place within 90 days of living there.
How does astrology come into play here?
Using the person’s horoscope, we rectify the house with the help of that person’s planet, since every planet has a particular direction in the house.
What kind of results have you achieved with this technique?
The results have been such that my work has won recognition just through word of mouth. I take only15 to 20 days to rectify a house. There are lots of misconceptions about vaastu. People talk about and practise it without getting into depth; this is when vaastu does not work and they become sceptical. I would suggest that people refer their problems to avaastu aaccharya, who will always show them the right direction.

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