A Global Bawse - Lilly Singh

What a year Lilly Singh had. Known to her fans as Superwoman, she’s continued her stint on YouTube and has authored the bestseller, How To Be A Bawse – both of which have raked in big numbers. She has graced top magazine covers, made appearances on popular talk shows, and has topped the Forbes list of entertainment influencers. And if that wasn’t enough, the Canadian-born, Indian origin comedian is a Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF. Through her work, Lilly has helped contribute to the crucial process of finding solutions for children in South Africa who have experienced a range of violence, from bullying to physical attacks, corporal punishment, harassment, and sexual assault.

In a career that now spans nearly nine years, Lilly continues to rewrite the rules with her unique choices. At present, the 28-year-old has partnered with cosmetics giant Smashbox to launch Bawse – a signature lipstick in red – and is busy spreading love through her #GirlLove campaign. As explained in her videos, “I don’t know who came up with this idea that it’s cool to hate on other girls, ‘cus it’s not. I want women to go further than just turning off negativity; compliment the women we admire. Use the hashtag #GirlLove, I encourage to call out other women who deserve to be praised.”

Lily’s journey has been phenomenal, but none of these achievements would have been possible without her family’s support. The multifaceted entertainer’s stardom goes far beyond her 14 million subscribers. This Canadian comedian also performs stand-up, raps, and acts in movies; she made millions last year thanks to a world tour – A Trip to Unicorn Island.