Glamour And More Glamour

She’s the pretty designer who’s absolutely the best ambassador for her brand. Arpita’s eponymous label has become a toast among fashionable young wedding attendees who love wearing her gorgeous clothes. They’ve become the norm at all of today’s Big Fat Indian Weddings! The young talent is soon showcasing her collection in Hyderabad. Here’s what she had to say about her work.

Tell us how your career and brand have evolved through the years.
The brand is about nine years old, and I studied fashion design in Mumbai. Right after college it was a big question mark as to what I should pursue. But I was always more inclined to the design aspect of life. The minute I was out of college I gained experience for two years before starting out my brand, which was a very organic process. I found my identity when I did my mirror work collection, and applied to fashion week and got through. That was my breakthrough moment! 2012 was my breakthrough year when everything fell into place.

What is your personal style?
My style during the day is comfortable, but I always have that one unique element that is individualistic to me. Comfortable and unique are the two words that describe my style during the day. If it’s a night out or a wedding-related event, then I love to go full-on glamorous and dressed to the T.

What does style mean to you?
Style is something you need to relate to. You have to own your own personality. Rather than blindly following trends, you ought to pick up a trend and make it your own thing.

Who do you consider most stylish?
My all-time favourite would be Kate Moss. And in India, Deepika Padukone and Twinkle Khanna.

You’re showcasing your clothes in Hyderabad soon. Can you tell us more about this?
I’m very excited to come to Hyderabad for the first time and participate in and showcase my clothes at an event hosted by my very near and dear ones, Bunty aunty (Bajaj) of Krsala and Samarth Bajaj. I’m going to be showcasing my Spring-Summer line which includes loads of fun prints, capes, palazzo pants, fringed tops, ruffle kurtas, and tiered skirts, at Krsala on February
15 and 16.

What are your other hobbies and passions?
I love playing the piano. I love roller-blading and paying tennis. I also love sketching; it’s a hobby, but works well with my work.

What inspires you?
Travel and music keep my creative juices flowing.

How important is Bollywood to your brand?
We have not approached people, but it does play an important role in today’s time. Bollywood is one of the biggest industries in India. Everyone in India and around the world follow it quite religiously. So having them endorsing the clothes does help a lot for brand imaging and sales.    - as told to Suneela