Glam Queen - Bhavna Singh talks with You & I

At the beginning of our chat with Bhavna Singh, we formally introduced ourselves and jumped right into it. And she immediately impressed us with her opening line: “I’m a woman who empowers other women to live their lives on their own terms and conditions. I also try to inspire them to think that age is just a number, and that you can look beautiful at any age and in any body shape.” Convinced!

Every time she steps out of the house, her outfits and the looks she conjures are a testament to her inimitable styling talent. The celebrity stylist, model, and fitness enthusiast schmoozed with us about all the interesting things she has going on.

Why fashion?
Well, fashion plays the biggest role in anyone’s personality.And the right kind of fashion can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Hence my interest!

What are your interests apart from fashion and styling?
Fitness! It’s my biggest passion. Fashion and styling go hand-in-hand with fitness, as only a fit body can carry any style effortlessly.

Who’s been your best muse among celebrities, so far?
Maybe not a muse, but JLo has always inspired me in everything – from her body to her fashion. So she’s my icon and the one I constantly look upto.

Your favourite (or least favourite!) fashion faux pas?
Fashion faux pas will definitely be the panty line that shows through any outfit. That like, awful!

What’s the biggest mistake that people make with their makeup?
Going overboard with shimmer and glitter or the evening makeup. Basically, making yourself shine like a disco ball.

What challenges do you face as a stylist?
How people think that a stylist sells clothes. But in reality, I only sell style!

How do you choose what looks work for each individual client?
Everyone has a different body shape and persona. So the styling goes accordingly. My first and biggest priority is always dressing up my clients according to their age.

Do the clothing choices you make at work inspire your personal style?
My clothing is always suited to the event or place I’m going to. So my personal style is always according to the situation and my mood. And I wear it as if that’s a style or trend that’s just meant for me.

What’s your favourite item in your closet?
It would definitely be my boyfriend denims and my blazers.

What items do you feel are worth splurging on?
It has to be blazers, bags, and shoes.

You style a lot of people in the public eye. Do you consider yourself to be a trendsetter?
Trendsetter is too heavy a word for me. I just follow my passion, and people who love it follow it and that sets the trend!        – as told to Sumana