The Girl of the Moment! – Shraddha Kapoor

by Saritha

One thing is clear from the way the new generation stars behave — they hardly have starry tantrums and they seem to be really comfortable with everyone around. With no speck of insecurity within, they are a perfect example to follow. Amidst all the wars and the catfights in the industry, there are a few who are true to their art and prefer being cordial. Shraddha Kapoor is one of them. She comes in with a breeze of effervescence and vibrant candour.
With films like Aashiqui 2, Ek Villain, ABCD2 and Haider giving her the right footing in the industry, one that she always dreamt of, Shraddha’s high spirits and humble nature will take her a long way. Signing big budget films with acclaimed filmmakers might be a choice she made, but never taking her success or failure too seriously is what she believes in.
Was acting an accidental outing or did you always have it working at the back of your mind?
To be honest, I used to get confused seeing my dad as a child. He came home with his makeup on, and it was difficult to get used to the fact that he played so many different characters on screen. One fine day, he explained his job to me. That day, I wanted to be an actor and look where I stand now.
How much has your dad, Shakti Kapoor’s being an artiste helped you in turning out to be an actress?
A great deal, and my masi (Padmini Kolhapure) was also an inspiration. As a child, I used to hate it when other people called him ‘dad’ on screen. I felt like breaking their teeth. I’m very possessive about him. But once I started knowing that this was his job, I started accepting it and got fascinated by the medium. My dad has been one of the finest actors in the industry and has worked in over 700 films. People still remember him for his films and I hope someday people will remember me for my  performances as well.
You made your debut with Teen Patti without any piggybacking from your dad …
I take extreme pride in the fact that although I’m Shakti Kapoor’s daughter, I’ve done everything on my own. My first film happened by chance. Ambika, the producer, was looking for a girl to play the title role and she wanted a pretty debutant. She was friends with my brother but she never knew that I was his sister. It was only after she saw my pictures on Facebook that she asked me to audition. I did my auditions and finally bagged a role.

But Teen Patti failed miserably. Did that come as a shock for you?
I went into deep depression! I’m an overtly emotional person at heart and things affect me deeply. After my film failed, I felt like a lost bird, with no sense of direction. I locked myself in my room and cried for hours. It broke me into pieces and shattered my self-confidence; my mom rekindled confidence in me. She asked me prepare harder for my second film, which also came after a lot of toil.
From Teen Patti to Haider, the transformation in Shraddha Kapoor has been humungous. How did you manage it so easily?
A lot of people have been telling me this. You know people never took me seriously when I did my first two films. They used to treat me like a kid. But now they say I look like a grown-up. So it feels great. I don’t think I could keep doing films in that age group, so sometimes you just need to know your negatives and make some amendments.
When your film went on to cross the coveted 100 crore mark, how did it feel like?
I was on cloud nine! I just could not believe it. The entire experience was surreal. You would not believe it but I somehow had the intuition that this film might just be it, just what I had been waiting for. And when all the adulation and numbers started coming in, it just raised my expectations.
Do you follow sports?
I used to play football as left forward during my school days and was really good at it, scoring many goals., I don’t follow it on television though.
Do you think you can ever date any actor?
Well, that looks really doubtful given the fact that there will be hundred women pouncing on him and I would just be too concerned about the same (laughs)  … I don’t think I can handle that.
With so many young actors almost flooding the industry, do you ever feel insecure?
Never! I don’t think there are reasons to feel insecure; just as there are so many more actors today in the industry  there are also many movies being made … So it all balances out.
Eventually, everyone will be picked for a particular role for a particular reason anyway. I might get a Haider whereas Alia might be offered a Highway but it doesn’t make us feel or look insecure.

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