Get Grooming!

Good grooming is a total effect in which every small detail counts. If you want to look your best for that big night out, don’t overlook these details. Believe us: chipped nail varnish or untidy hair can definitely mar the total effect. Here are a few pick-me-up tips that can help you look good.  


Give yourself a manicure and pedicure the day before the big night. In fact, after soaking your hands and feet in warm water, massage them with a rich cream so that your skin is smooth and soft.
A face mask can leave your skin clean and glowing. Cleanse the skin and then mix half a teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of rose water, and two tea spoons of dried milk powder into a face pack. For oily skin, add multani mitti instead of milk powder. Mix into a paste and apply on the face. Rinse off with water after 20 minutes. After washing off the pack, give the skin a cold compress with cotton wool soaked in chilled rose water.  


If your hair is looking dull, give it a quick conditioning treatment before your shampoo. Mix one teaspoon each of vinegar and honey along with one egg. Beat them together well and massage the mixture into your scalp. Then wrap your hair in a hot towel for twenty minutes, before washing it. Your hair will have more body and look shiny and manageable.

To soften rough, bushy or frizzy hair, mix some water with creamy hair conditioner and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your hair, then comb so that it spreads evenly.


Today’s trends favour the “natural” look in foundation – sheer and translucent. Apply powder for the foundation to set. Compact powder can also be used. Pay more attention to the oily areas of the face, like the nose, forehead and chin. Press the powder all over the face and neck with a slightly damp sponge. For a more glamorous look, try gold foundation. Then apply a golden tinted powder to finish the look.

Use a blusher but be subtle. The aim should be to give your complexion a healthy glow. Apply it on and slightly below your cheekbones. You can use your fingertips to dot the area with blusher. Then blend with the brush, outwards and slightly upwards, making sure there are no harsh lines or a blotchy effect.


Go for the smoky eyes look. After applying eye shadow, apply eyeliner close to the lashes on the upper eyelid. Then smudge it with a cotton bud. Apply a dark shadow over it and blend it outwards and slightly upwards. Apply liner just below the lower lashes, smudge it and then apply eye shadow. Dark brown or dark grey eye shadow can be applied over black eyeliner for a muted effect. Use mauve or pink eye shadow instead of brown or grey, with silver or gold highlights for a more glamorous look.

For darker skin, opt for a lipstick in plum, wine or burgundy colours. For fair skin, use beige, pink or orange undertones. A dark complexion looks good in vibrant colours. Avoid very pale colours. For normal Indian complexions, go for warm earthy colours like coral, wine, plum, strawberry, orange, tangerine, red, and shades of red. A dark pink or rose-red would look good, too. Even brick red may look good.


As for hairstyles, long hair is very much the trend…with cascading waves. Go for the softer look, with big curls or natural waves in the lower half of the hair. The classic ponytail is trendy and suits most face shapes. One can wear a pony tail high or low, with wisps or curls falling down…the carefully-careless look! Having the hair up is also currently in vogue. Curls and ringlets can be styled and then they can be put up with the help of hair accessories. Long hair may be put up too, in a casual knot or braided styles. Putting the hair up can make you look sophisticated, elegant, and glamorous for a gala occasion.     - Shahnaz Husain