Get Gorgeous!

Sandy Artist

What are the makeup trends you’re loving right now?
I love the skin to glow naturally. This means less makeup and more glow. It has to do withyour internal body, especially what your diet is like, as it makes all the difference with how healthy your skin is. Still, one can always camouflage with highlighters. The new trend is a nude shade with light pinkish-lilac highlighters, like the one I did for designer Shriya Som’s show. The models looked glowy, dewy and sexy!

And the products you’re currently obsessing over?
Personally, am obsessed with my own lip balms; I love Givenchy’s tinted lip balm. My other favourite is Chanel.

Contouring or bronzer – what’s your bet and why?
Definitely contouring. It defines the shape of the face; we can mould it to our preference. You can hide, show, define, etc. A bronzer gives you an overall glow and shine.

What three makeup item should no woman leave home without?
A compact, balms or tints, and a mascara. Also, grooming your brows is of the utmost importance!

What’s your signature look?
My signature style is more to do with blush, mascara, and lip tints... I think I’m currently following the no-makeup makeup trend. But it’s different with brides. I give smoky eyes with nude lips (hate smoky over red lipsticks).   

Gazal Surana

What’s your favourite part of the makeup industry?
As an artist, it’s very satisfying to work in the beauty segment. But unfortunately, we don’t have as many shoots in Hyderabad. I’ve enjoyed being a bridal makeup artist for the past four years and I absolutely love everything about it!

What tips do you have for maintaining a youthful appearance?
Wear your sunscreen, moisturise, and have a good dermatologist on speed dial!

What are some of the common mistakes you see women make with their makeup?
Going overboard: it’s is a big no-no! We are overloaded with ads, but you don’t have to buy every product you see. Pick according to your skin type and keep it simple!

The best advice you can give about hair and makeup is…
Invest in good brands. The result and quality will be far superior to any drug store makeup product.

What’s the easiest way to turn a day or work look into something that works for a night out?
During the day, wear a matte eyeshadow, mascara (skipping the liner), nude lips and some concealer to cover your blemishes. Convert the same look for the night-time by adding a smoked-out eyeliner, highlighter, and a deep lip shade! 

Azrah J.V. Ebrahim

What’s your favourite makeup trick?
I like a concealer under the eye. It’s the best trick to brighten up your face!

What’s your take on airbrush makeup?
I use a Temptu airbrush. It gives a pore-less, flawless look where the face looks glassy.

One product you can’t do without?
A mascara!

What’s your current favourite look?
My current favourite look is bushy brows and monotone makeup with glassy skin.

A makeup mistake you try to avoid?
I avoid caking up the skin with lots of product. Also, if I go loud on the eye, then I make sure to go nude on the lips.   

Sonia Thapa

What are the trending hairstyles to try right away?
For men, atrending hairstyle right now is unkept, unruly hair; more of a natural look. And for women, one trend that never goes out of style is sleek, straight hair.   

Who’syour ultimate hair icon and why?
It’s Allu Arjun, because he’s one crazy hair fanatic who tries new styles every time. And of course, Aalim Hakim, because he’s simply the best.

What’s the craziest hairstyle you ever had to do?
I was asked to do hair for Allu Arjun’s movie, Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India, in which he played a soldier. And as you know, it’s very basic: crop short haircut. But since I had to try something crazy, we decided to play with the over-enhanced parting. I broadened his parting a lot more than the basic army haircut. Initially it received mixed reviews, but eventually it became a trend.

Debunk the biggest hair myth you’ve heard.
One myth that many people believe is that washing your hair regularly strips natural oil. False. You take your hair everywhere you take your face. So, even hair and scalp need to be clean, just the way you keep your skin clean. You have to keep your scalp clean too, as there’s nowhere the dead cells can go. They are trapped in your scalp, which causes flaky build-up, leading to hair shedding.

What’s the one hair product every girl should have?
Every girl should own a deep conditioner. No matter the time of the year, your hair can always benefit from a deep conditioner. A boost of moisture is necessary to tame flyaways and split ends, and to retain moisture in your hair.