Get fit like Gisele Bundchen and Ian Somerhalder with these fitness apps

If you are trying to get in shape for the holiday season but don’t want to spend big bucks on a personal trainer, here is a list of the best fitness apps available to download on your iOS and Android devices.

Fitness Fast:
 Fitness fast offers both pre loaded and customizable workout routines with number-crunches optimal rep max, tracks sleep and body stats, It also offers a community forum where you can reach out to other users.

Training Peaks:
This app is like your fitness journal that will help you not only plan out your workout but also your calorie intake.  Training Peaks also offers annual training plans via its Virtual Coach.

Hot5 contains numerous short video workouts that are very easy to follow and it is completely free.  The videos differ in difficulty and different variations so you will have an ample choice.
Get fit like Ian Somerhalder with his fitness apps 
If you like being on your feet like Halle Berry and Ian Somerhalder then give this app a try. This app keeps a record of the number of steps you take every day and can even differentiate between walking, cycling and running.
Not only can you map out routes to follow on your run or hike but you can also track your calories from over 350,000 food items stored in Fitbit’s database and see how many you’ve burned.

Strava Cycling:
Like the two apps mentioned above this app measures your speed, distance cycled. It also lets you compete with the other cyclists using the app.
Get fit like Gisele Bundchen with her fitness apps 
Pocket Yoga:
If you are a yoga fanatic like Jennifer Aniston or Gisele Bundchen then this app is for you. This free app allows you to take control of your own fitness training, and most of the yoga routines have pictures to guide you and a digital personal trainer to talk you through it.

..... Devashree Goenka