Get cooking: Seductive Velvety Dacquoise with Raspberries

When the sweet tooth comes knocking try this delicious dessert recipe. Seductive velvety dacquoise, slow cooked raspberries, raspberry mousseline cream and raspberry jelly definitely sounds like an interesting combination.

Ingredients required:
To make the Red velvet sponge
1.    195g of all purpose flour
2.    30g cornstarch
3.    8g cocoa powder unsweetened
4.    1 tsp baking soda
5.    200g granulated sugar
6.    1/4 tsp salt
7.    1/2 cup melted unsalted butter
8.    2 tsp white distilled vinegar
9.    250 ml thick butter
10.    1 tsp vanilla essence
11.    1 tsp red food colour

To make the raspberry jelly
1.    150g raspberry purée
2.    6g Agar Agar

To make raspberry mousse
1.    400g raspberry purée
2.    250g whipping cream
3.    200g white chocolate
4.    32g Agar Agar
5.    150g raspberry jam

To make spray chocolate
1.    20g cocoa butter
2.    20g white chocolate
3.    1g red food colour


Red velvet sponge
•    Preheat the oven to 190 degree Celsius, sieve all the ingredients except the food colour into a bowl and mix them thoroughly.
•    Now take vanilla essence, melted unsalted butter, white distilled vinegar, thick butter and food colour, and mix all the ingredients in another bowl.
•    To the dry ingredients mixture pour the wet ingredients mixture whip until there are no lumps. But make sure one should not over mix the ingredients.
•    Spread the batter into a tray and bake at 190 degree Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the sponge is cooled cut according to the size of the mould.

Raspberry Jelly
•    Heat the raspberry purée, add agar agar and mix both the ingredients well.  Spread the mixture on a thin baking tray and refrigerate.

Raspberry mousse
•    Take a double boiler and melt white chocolate.
•    Heat the raspberry purée, to this add agar agar and mix well.
•    Fold the melted white chocolate into raspberry purée mix.   
•    Use a mixer to whip the heavy cream until soft peaks are formed.
•    Add whipped cream to the raspberry white chocolate mixture in small quantities.

The final step is to put the red velvet sponge, raspberry jelly and raspberry mousse together. Pipe the mousse half way into a round shape and leave it in the freezer. Cut the jelly and place it on top of the mousse in the mould, leave some space around the edges. Now take the raspberry jam and pipe it over the jelly and fill the mould to top of the raspberry mousse. Place the cut red velvet sponge on top and place the plate in the freezer. To finish off de mould the mousse and when it is hard and spray with red cocoa butter.

-    Akhila Kakarala  
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