Get Cooking: Lebanese Mezze Platter

Lebanese Mezze Platter is finger-licking assorted platter of appetizer dips prepared with fresh vegetables, chickpeas and hung yogurt. All of these dips can be served with delicious pita bread. A chef from Vivanta by Taj has shared this recipe.

Lebanese Mezze Platter

Ingredients                                Qty
For the hummus
Chickpeas (boiled)                      100 gm
Olive oil                                     50 ml
Garlic (chopped)                        15 gm
Ice (cubes)                                50 gm
Salt                                          to taste
Black olives (for garnish)             3
Parsley                                     5 gm

For the Babaganoush
Brinjal                                      1
Bell pepper (red & yellow)  1 of each
Parsley                                      25 gm
Tahini                                        10 ml
Onion (chopped)                        30 gm
Garlic (chopped)                        10 gm
Lemon juice                              5 gm
Salt                                         to taste
Black pepper                            to taste
Olive oil                                  30 ml

For the Fatoush
Cucumber                                1
Cherry tomatoes                     5
Bell pepper                               1
Romaine lettuce               5 leaves
Crispy pita bread                10 gm
Olive oil                              15 ml
Salt                                     to taste
Pepper                                to taste
Sumac powder                5 gm
Lemon juice                     5 ml

For the Tsatziki
Cucumber                       25 gm
Hung yoghurt                 40 gm
Lemon juice                     5 ml
Mint                                  10 gm
Olive oil                           10 ml
Olives (for garnish)          2
Salt                               to taste
Pepper                        to taste

1.    For the hummus, soak chickpeas over night and boil until cooked. Blend all the ingredients together and serve cold with pita bread, garnished with olives and parsley.

2.    For the babaganoush, roast the brinjal on a flat tray in an oven for 20 minutes at 185°C. Peel the skin off, and chop the insides finely. Make a mixture of this with bell peppers, parsley and onion. Add lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Serve cold.

3.    For the fatoush, wash all the vegetables well and dice into cubes. Make a dressing using olive oil, lemon juice, sumac powder, salt and pepper. Mix the diced vegetables and dressings together and garnish with crispy pita bread.