George RR Martin Announces New TV Series

‘Game Of Thrones’ creator George RR Martin’s book series ‘Wild Cards’ is being adapted for television.

About the book series Martin said on his blog that “The shared world of the Wild Cards diverged from our own on September 15, 1946 when an alien virus was released in the skies over Manhattan, and spread across an unsuspecting Earth. Of those infected, 90% died horribly, drawing the black queen, 9% were twisted and deformed into jokers, while a lucky 1% became blessed with extraordinary and unpredictable powers and became aces. The world was never the same.”  

Martin describes the project as “a series of interlocking books, graphic novels, games… but most of all it is a universe, as large and diverse and exciting as the comic book universes of Marvel and DC (though somewhat grittier, and considerably more realistic and more consistent), with an enormous cast of characters both major and minor.”

The television series will be produced by Universal Cable Productions, which is owned by NBC Universal. Martin will be unable to work on the series himself due to his exclusive development deal with HBO. Melinda M. Snodgrass, Martin’s assistant editor on the book series, will serve as an executive producer,  along with veteran writer/producer Franny Black and Gregory Noveck.

-Devashree Goenka