Gavin Rossdale Opens Up About Divorce

Gavin Rossdale wants to put his divorce from Gwen Stefani in the past.

In a new interview with ‘The Sunday Times’, Gavin sounds more than ready to move on once and for all.  

"It's like enough already. I've got to move on. Everyone has got to move on," he told the British newspaper. "For me, it's just thinking about the boys and how to prioritize them."  

Gavin continued, "That's the driving force behind everything. You just have to ... I don't know. Somehow you have to put one foot after the other and make it happen."

Gavin and Gwen split last year after 13 years of marriage, and share custody of three children, Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 2. "I have an incredible life with them, and that’s what matters," he said of his children. "You can’t keep up with all the vitriol. Just don’t get into all that. [I like Twitter] and I want to be active, but it's a case of not worrying about the miscellaneous 15-year-old from Ohio with an opinion. It doesn't matter."

He continued, "They're the guys - they're my replacements. The better versions of me. I'm going to try and take all the things I've ever done wrong and keep them away from that."

-Devahshree Goenka