Gaurang Shah presents 'Kausalyam 2016'

The Crafts Council of Telangana in association with designer Gaurang Shah presented 'Kausalyam 2016- a high end couture show of designers and master craftsmen who work closely with the weavers at the grass root level.

The event held on Wednesday, featured a uniquely choreographed fashion show by 10 Indian models highlighting clothing from 40 textile artists and designers. It was aimed at promoting Indian textiles and handicrafts from all corners of the country.

Crafts Council of Telangana (CCT) earlier known as the Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh and Shah work to preserve and promote traditional crafts and handlooms. CCT supports various clusters in Telangana to uplift the artisans and to promote crafts and textiles, since its founding 20 years ago.

Talking about the idea behind Kausalyam 2016, Shah said: "This show reflects continuation of our passion to promote skill, technique and technology up-gradation of designers and weavers who pursue creation of Indian handlooms at the grassroot level. Our focus is to provide marketing opportunities for artisans, understanding the craft and the changing needs of the consumers."

Shah is known for his love for weaves. Widely acknowledged for reviving the Jamdani weaving technique, the designer works with a team of over 700 weavers.