Gary Mehigan says MasterChef Australia is a game changer!

After being a judge on this show for 11 seasons, Chef Gary Mehigan may not be on the judge’s panel of the new season of MasterChef Australia, but he looks back and recalls his long association with the show as an experience that has changed his life! Gary Mehigan, along with his co-judges – Matt Preston and George Calombaris, bid adieu to the show.

Confirming the news, here’s what Gary Mehigan posted on his Instagram account – “At 52 years of age I've learnt so many lessons...! 'MasterChef...' has been a game changer and how lucky were we to enjoy 11 years of amazingly positive and uplifting television. We have been blessed with new friends and colleagues that will remain so for the rest of our lives. A moment in time to be savoured and remembered with a big smile. We are so proud. But a mentor of 'mine' told me 'never be afraid of change'. (It is) Time to move on, maybe work a little less, dig our fingers into something new and exciting and maybe make a different kind of TV.”          - IANS