A-Game Fitness - Sania Mirza

Being the most successful female Indian tennis player in history, and one of the highest-paid, high-profile athletes in the country doesn’t come without its fair share of blood, sweat, and tears. Sania Mirza, who has made her hometown of Hyderabad proud with her many achievements, attributes her success in the sport to her uncompromising fitness regimen. Fitness is the foundation to her doing well on the court, and she gave us a glimpse into what it takes to maintain her A-game while travelling around the world.

Tell us what your earliest memories of fitness are?
I started playing tennis at the age of six so fitness has been an integral part of my life ever since. It was tennis for two hours a day, and an hour of fitness training which involved basic stuff.

What does fitness mean to you?
Fitness is very important to me and in fact has become a part of me. It’s important to look fit, but it’s more important to be healthy. And fitness makes me feel that way.

How has your relationship with fitness evolved over the years?
Fitness has been the backbone to my success in the sport. Along with my trainers, I always try to keep things fun and motivating.

What is your favourite form of exercise, which makes you feel good and happy?
I love running and cardio. The runner’s high is a real thing, and the release of endorphins helps me clear my head as well.

After years of training for long hours, how do you still manage to keep it fun and exciting?
It’s the love for fitness, the will to be healthy, and a requirement of my job to stay fit. So my trainers and I try to keep it interesting as much as possible and change things around to keep it fun.

Have there been particular trainers that have been instrumental in your trajectory with fitness?
Yes, many trainers have been important parts of my fitness journey over the course of the years. Everyone has worked on me and my fitness in different ways, trying to strengthen areas of my body that were my weaknesses while consolidating my strengths.

Where do you workout in Hyderabad?
I work out at the Apollo Health Center, Kris Gethin gym, and at my tennis academy–Sania Mirza Tennis Academy.      
                     – as told to Suneela