Fun, Food, Fitness!

Four gorgeous actresses, models, fitness enthusiasts, and members of the FitZup clan – Abigail Pande, Kishwer Merchant, Sreejita De, and Pryanca Talukdar – travelled to the Maldives on a four-night trip recently. Along with them were pro athlete Sahil Rasheed; expert nutritionist and co-founder at FitZup, Sunny Arora; and the FitZup crew.

Talking to us about the trip, Sunny says the group wasn’t just travelling for pleasure, but instead as part of FitZup’s fitness tour. The group sets out on these fitness tours every now and then, and in the past, they’ve visited places like Jordan, Taiwan, and Pushkar. This time, they were on a quest to change people’s perception about ‘cheat meals’. Lots of people are worried about ruining their entire week’s rigorous workout routine with one unhealthy meal. So the group set out to prove that you don’t have to eat unhealthy to eat tasty. The scenic beaches and stunning underwater world made the Maldives a perfect choice for the group’s fitness tour. Fun, food, and fitness were the order of the day, as the group demonstrated how cheat meals can be healthy, even when you’re on a vacation!

“Travelling helps you revive your body and mind. Everyone’s life is chaotic in some way or the other, so taking some time off for yourself is a necessity,” Sunny tells us. “It’s not just for your physical betterment but also to broaden your perspective about the world. It helps you escape from the monotony of daily life.”

The group stayed at the Cocoon Maldives Resort, located on the unspoilt, picturesque island of Ookolhufinolhu in Lhaviyani Atoll. The low tide in this area forms some amazing sandbanks that visitors can kayak out to. During their trip, the group went for a sandbank picnic where they spent time on the island’s white sand beach. During cooking sessions with the chef, they explored healthy but tasty cheat meals. They also had a chance to snorkel the rich and abundant reef, viewing sharks, stingrays, eagle rays, octopi, and puffer fish, to name a few. They also went kayaking and got to watch dolphins swim by!

“Cocoon Maldives is a very secluded island, so everywhere we turned, all we could see was the spellbinding water dotted with beautiful dolphins, fish, and coral reefs!” Sunny gushes. The group spent four days on this spectacular isolated island, away from the rush of their everyday lives, in leisure as they experienced all the exquisite aquatic life the island had to offer. Sunny reminisces, “The sound of the waves fills you with energy, and the marine life is absolutely picturesque!” The thing that really mesmerised the group was the sheen of the pristine white sand that perfectly complemented the cyan-blue of the ocean.

“The entire fitness tour, the concept, and the experiences involved have been one hell of a ride. Our time in the Maldives was spent in leisure, enjoying the beach, the sea, the fish, and the delectable meals. Apart from being an absolutely unforgettable experience, the trip has inspired us to plan our next fitness adventure soon!” Sunny excitedly concludes.