A Fresh Face

Sita Narayan, a new face in the Telugu film industry, feels that to be an actor one has to be ‘a good performer’. A trained actor and a dancer, Sita comes from Mumbai and has two Telugu films on the way. We spoke to her about life and work.
Why did you choose Telugu cinema to start your career with?
Before signing these films I was working in Mumbai as a model. I did a couple of commercials. One day, I auditioned for a film that was looking for a fresh face. I got through and here I am. I didn’t want to get into television, so I decided to start with a Telugu movie.
Tell us about the movies you’re working on.
Both the films are romantic comedies. One is with Ali Raza, and in the other I’m working with Karthi Reddy. So far we have finished a good part of the shooting, and both these movies should be out sometime next year.
How did you find yourself drawn to acting?
I always liked this field of work. Even in college, I was always part of either a play or a show.

How was it facing the camera?
It was not the first time I was facing the camera. I have done commercials for sarees and bridal wear. Moreover, I’ve been trained in acting for six months. That pretty much teaches you the nuances of facing a camera.

Sita Narayan

Did the language barrier bother you?
It was the most difficult part. But then my directors and the entire team helped me out through the dialogues. They are very good people. There were translators on set who guided me at every point. I’m still learning the language. The hardest part was dancing, as you have to lip sync to the song.

With no film background, how difficult was it to get a role?
I think it’s a matter of luck, I must say. I have a lot of relatives in this field. I keep seeing and interacting with them. I know how things works and was quite familiar with it. It was fine for me.

What are your expectations of the film industry?
I’m looking for good projects. In whatever I have worked so far, I’ve given my best and just seen how it turns out. I’m also looking at doing different roles which are not regular.

What do you think is an important quality for an actor?
He or she has to be a performer and a good dancer. One must be able to give good expression. Dancing is my favourite thing, one I have always taken part in.

Would you give Bollywood a try?
I do have Bollywood offers, but it’s too early to say anything.

What would your alternate career choice have been?
English teacher or lecturer. My language is good, and I like teaching. I used to teach my friends back in school and college.

What do you enjoy aside from acting?
Reading books, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends, though I don’t have many. I watch romantic comedies a lot.

What are your thoughts on weddings and marriage?
I haven’t thought of marriage. It will probably be arranged, but I can’t say for sure.                                           ..... as told to Rahul