A Fresh Approach Neetu Arora Interior

Catering to her client’s exquisite tastes,
Delhi-based interior designer Neetu Arora conjures elegant, cutting-edge interiors for a Northwest Delhi bungalow. The designer – whose distinctive design revolves around luxury, comfort and style – tells You & I how she transformed the bungalow in her own unique style of modernism.

Interior designer Neetu Arora was looking for light when she chose this villa in Northwest Delhi. The enclave was made up of mostly contemporary homes with plenty of space between them. The house Neetu’s client bought combined a non-traditional, open floor plan with modern interiors. The family preferred a fusion of old and new architecture. “We have infused ideas from different schools of art including Western, modern and vintage to produce what the client envisioned. We thought that sticking completely to one design methodology might not give us the desired feel,” Neetu says.


Almost instinctively, Neetu manipulated colour, either adding richer hues or, in some cases, toning down the existing palette. “We have used a maximum of three colours in each area,” Neetu explains. “The base colours we used are from the off-white family. Along with these neutral shades, we have heightened the drama of the room by placing a royal blue sofa that has intricate work in gold. Then in some areas, we have used red to catch the eye and pump in energy into the overall aura, while gold gave a feeling of elegance, class and luxury.”

 gold-and-silver-concep-neetu bagga- furniture

As you enter the house, you will notice an eye-catching Isle Table and sofa in the lobby. Next is the living area, where a combination of gold and silver concept on the walls and furniture gives a feeling of elegance, class and luxury. “An array of brass gold strips has been used consistently along the walls in different patterns. They have been blended with acrylic sheets. A painting from IVY arrayed against pristine white walls reinforces the hue,” Neetu explains.


In the dining room, laser cut lights with the console and an exquisite high-back moon chair from Alexander & James collection makes the room look casual and sophisticated at the same time. “Apart from giving that elegant look, we wanted it to feel comfortable, light and airy,” says Neetu. Adjacent to the dining room is a well-designed and fully-equipped kitchen that extends into the living area and bedrooms.


This is followed by a formal drawing room facing the living area. Decorated in neutral shades, the designer used comfortable seating in this large, contemporary space. Another constant is the owner’s desire to conjure areas where the art can evolve. “The client wanted their home to feel more personal to them, so they’ve placed a Buddha sculpture that creates a striking impression,” Neetu adds.
The client’s plan was to create a modish look that would fit the bungalow’s modern trappings. “After ensuring that the areas more prone to corrosion are padded with more durable materials, we have decided on marble and wood flooring, and blended the two efficiently,” Neetu says.


The carefully hand-picked furniture looks as though it has been acquired over the years. Neetu says, “All the furniture was supplied by IVY Concept, a luxurious brand that caters to all the needs of a luxury home. With eclectic design pieces that are unique, stylish and special in their own ways, IVY has four major brands under them: Coleccion Alexandra, Alexander & James, Fertini Casa and WOISS.” The client’s favourite corner, though, is this well-crafted wooden mirror area – which has an LCD television installed– and an exquisite dresser that complements the mix perfectly. “Most of the furniture gives a vintage vibe that blends well with the neutral but modern patterns on the walls.”      – as told to Anisha