Free Spirit – Alpana Gujral

by pavan
Alpana Gujral

For her, it’s all about design. Alpana Gujral has made the transition from furniture to jewellery designer. We caught up with the passionate designer recently to find out what makes her tick, and hear about the lessons she’s learnt along the way.

You are stunningly beautiful and elegant. What’s your secret?
Thank you. I don’t over think things. I just try to be myself, be comfortable and age-appropriate.

You were a furniture designer before becoming a jewellery designer. What are the similarities between the two?
It’s been an amazing journey. I followed my passion and I still enjoy designing homes. Basically, I enjoy creating my version of beauty, whether it’s where a person lives or what they put on. Design is how I express myself.

You come from a family that consists of connoisseurs of fine living with an appreciation for art and culture. How has being part of the illustrious Gujral family impacted your perceptions on life and the world in general?
I feel very fortunate for belonging to the family that I do. They taught me, through example, that nothing is impossible. It doesn’t have to always be practical, but it should always be meaningful.

What’s the favourite part of what you do?
Seeing my clients happy.

What is the one piece of advice you would give your 30-year-old self?
The journey is more important than the destination. Don’t worry, and enjoy the ride.

What are some of the other passions and hobbies that you enjoy?
Travelling, watching movies (with extra popcorn), going to museums, listening to music and designing homes!

What does style mean to you?
Being the best version of yourself! No matter how you feel, dress up and show up.        – as told to Suneela


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