Free Hand Exercises Which Help You Stay In Shape

Bored of the regular gym and cardio? stay fit and in shape with few simple free hand exercises that can be done at your home, garden or even at work, you do not require any complicated equipment you just need a single mat. Here are few exercises which you must try.

This is a great free hand workout which helps in shedding the extra flab on the abdomen and legs. Squats are very effective when you do atleast few reps alternating with squat and hold for a min and then squating for another atleast 5 reps cycles while slowly standing and sitting down.

Push Ups:
One of the best and the most popular exercise to build up your upper body , there are different kinds of push ups, floor push ups, wall push ups, single arm push ups etc. These push ups help in strengthening chest, biceps, triceps and spinal cord. do at least 50 push ups each day to stay fit.

Side Bends:
Get your sides and love handles perfect in shape by side bends. Side bends help in giving a shape to your body and these are done by making your feet stand apart and knees slightly bent hold a weights on one hand allowing the other  hand to reach towards the side of your leg. Repeat this exercise for 25 rps each side.

Ab Crunches:
Tone up your belly fat , stomach and strengthen it with ab crunches. While doing ab crunches make sure your neck and your back are in perfect alignment and give support to your neck with help of your hands

Leg Lifts:
Building up the abs and muscle calf is done with leg lifts. Lie down on your back and lift your legs straight up , hold and bring the leg down slowly repeat this on both the sides with 25 rps on each side.