Ford Mustang (Eu)

Customers in Europe can now specify and order the all-new Ford Mustang, marking the first time in the iconic car’s 50-year history it has been available for sale across Europe. Equipped with a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine with 314 PS or a 5.0-litre V8 with 418 PS, the all-new Ford Mustang fastback and convertible models are available to order from FordStores.

Available with six-speed manual or automatic transmission, it features as standard: 19-inch wheels, a performance brake package, automatic HID headlamps, LED tail lamps, and rear diffuser. Further standard equipment includes dual-zone climate control, nine-speaker sound system, and SYNC 2 voice control connectivity with eight-inch colour touchscreen.

Additional options include climate control seats and premium, 19-inch alloy wheels with Lustre Nickel finish. Ten exterior colour choices include exclusive Competition Orange and tri-coat Triple Yellow.

The all-new Mustang is exclusively available to order in Europe at new FordStore locations. Located mostly in metropolitan areas, Ford is currently rolling out the stores across the region. Never before has the Mustang gone on sale worldwide, and the all-new version will be available to customers in more than 100 markets.

The first shipments are headed for Asia, with vehicles arriving in Europe mid-2015. Unmistakably Mustang The clean-sheet design of both Ford Mustang fastback and convertible evokes the essential character of the vehicle, retaining key design elements of the classic Mustangs recognisable to car fans across Europe, including the long sculpted hood and short rear deck with a contemporary execution.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression, and when you see this car, you immediately see a Mustang strong and true,” said Moray Callum, executive director of design for Ford, The Americas.

Mustang convertible drivers will appreciate the standard multilayer insulated cloth top that gives the car an upscale appearance and quiet cabin. The top has a sleek profile when folded for open-air motoring.

Large, clear instrumentation puts vehicle information right in front of the driver in the roomy cabin with an aviation-inspired cockpit, while ergonomic and tactile switches and knobs provide control. The vehicle’s width and new rear suspension contribute to improved shoulder and hip room for passengers, and a usefully shaped boot space that can accommodate two golf bags.      

..... Ford Press