Foods To Avoid For Glowing Skin

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed which foods are most kind to your skin and its various functions. While you’re getting your fill of those foods, keep an eye on the following foods. Avoid them, or consume them only in moderation, and your skin will thank you!


It may be good for your body in some ways, but salt isn’t the best thing for your skin. Excessive sodium levels can cause your body to retain water, which in turn causes puffiness. While swelling is temporary, it’s not good for the area under your eyes. The effect of under-eye puffiness is that it makes you look older due to lines and bags.Sh


While some people think shellfish are among the most enjoyable foods, they don’t do much good for your skin. Certain types, like crab and lobster, are high in iodine, which can cause acne. Small quantities won’t affect you, but avoid eating too much shellfish on a regular basis.


While most of us were raised drinking a few glasses of milk a day, some studies show that milk consumption has some side effects. Milk from pregnant cows contains hormones that tend to cause breakouts. The glands that produce natural oils work on overdrive when affected by these hormones, which results in oily skin and pimples. Some scientists have found that it isn’t just milk that has adverse effects on the skin; it goes for almost all dairy products. We’re not suggesting that you need to cut dairy out of your diet completely, as it is still one of the best sources of vitamin D and calcium. But try an alternative like yogurt that’s not harmful to the skin.


We all know that sugar isn’t the healthiest thing for the body. Whether it’s your heart or your skin, sugar is a sin. If your blood sugar levels are too high, your skin may begin to appear old. This happens because glucose affects your tissues, causing your skin to thin out and become weak. This is why chocolate is believed to cause acne. While milk chocolate contains a high amount of sugar and can cause breakouts, dark chocolate is actually good for your body and skin.

You should also be careful about your consumption of processed candy, which causes your skin to lose elasticity. Eat as little candy as possible to see a noticeable difference in the firmness of your skin. Of course, you need a little sugar to get through life, so we suggest you cut down rather than cut it out completely.



Alcohol might be the catalyst behind some amusing evenings, but we all know it isn’t good for us. A glass of red wine a day might help your heart, but it certainly isn’t good for your skin. The first thing alcohol does is dehydrate you. The more you have, the less moisture your skin retains; this leads to dry skin and wrinkles. If you drink too much, skin cells can lose their suppleness, and your skin slowly loses its natural glow.

Refined Starches

Foods like bread and pasta contain high levels of glucose and have high glycemic index (GI) counts.  We know that whole-wheat bread and pasta are much healthier, and this is exactly why. The lower levels of glucose in these foods also tend to cause less damage to your skin.

Fried Foods    

We don’t need to tell you that fried foods are bad for your skin and body. The fat and oil build up cause acne. Another reason fried foods are bad for your skin is they trap bacteria in the body.


While most of us need our daily caffeine fix in order to function, too much of the drug is terrible for the skin. It tends to make your skin look lifeless and old. Your face will become thinner and noticeably less supple. Caffeine sucks the moisture from your skin, causing your face to look hollowed and dry.

– Saloni