Food Tips for the Road!

Road trips – whether with family or friends – can be among the most memorable and fun travel experiences. The long drive never gets tedious when you have some good company and a groovy playlist to accompany you on the journey. However, the situation can quickly turn sour if you start feeling sick or nauseous, which is always a big risk with road trips. Your body may not agree with the constant movement, and you may suffer from motion sickness. One wrong snack before the drive starts, and you can expect at least one member of the trip to stop the car for regular bathroom breaks.

While this scenario can be a total buzz kill for your road trip, avoiding certain foods before and during the ride will help you ward off bloatedness, sleepiness, or bolting to the nearest rest areas. To make sure that your dream road adventure doesn’t turn into a nightmare, steer clear of these foods for a smooth, fun-filled journey.

Beans or Nuts
You might enjoy popping a handful of flavoured peanuts or salted cashews, but the gas building up inside you won’t make things easy later on. The protein in beans and nuts can cause gas build-up and queasiness that’s likely to last while you’re on the road.

Try to avoid any tomato-based products just before and during your trip. Tomatoes won’t settle well in your stomach during a long road trip, as they’re extremely acidic. This means that they could irritate your bladder and be the cause of many stops along the way. Especially with someone in the group who has an overactive bladder, tomatoes could mean nothing but trouble! The same goes for citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. It’s best to keep all these to a minimum, as the acidity can create a frequent urge to pee.

Greasy, Fatty Foods
We know this is a hard one, because food stops are part of the fun of road trips. And what’s easier and more fun than a good old burger in all its sinful glory? But let’s check the facts first: greasy fast food such as burgers, fries, and breakfast sandwiches are very difficult for your body to break down. Digesting them is sure to use up all that valuable energy you had saved up for the long drive, making you sluggish and tired. You might also wind up feeling bloated, because of all the aerated beverages you’ll gulp down along with the food. Fizzy drinks such as sparkling water or sodas can often lead to indigestion, nausea, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain. It’s always better to avoid the bubbles and keep an eye out for healthier alternatives!

Dairy Products
We all know how good a creamy, frothy milkshake on the go sounds. Unfortunately, your stomach might not necessarily agree. In general, dairy products such as cheese, icecream, and yogurt have a bad rep for their after-effects on the digestive system. They can easily cause an upset stomach, which can really put a damper on a long ride. Make it a point to avoid any or all dairy foods for at least a couple of hours before you leave.

Spicy Foods
We all love a little bit of spice, but maybe it’s not the best idea to add sriracha to your meal before hopping into your car. Spicy food can easily give you an upset stomach in no time, as it will increase your body temperature and cause a lot of discomfort. The situation can quickly go from bad to worse if you have a sensitive stomach. It can even make heartburn worse, too, and cause major digestive issues. That’s more than enough reason to stay away from the spice before your big trip – your body and fellow passengers will thank you!   

- Rubaina