Fonderie 47 Luxury Cufflinks made of Melted AK-47’s

Fonderie 47 has something new to offer, which will make gun-addicts drool all over it. The Fonderie 47 Transforming Cufflinks don’t look like the regular cufflinks, and we can assure you of it. These unique,

one-of-a-kind cufflinks are a debut of The Fonderie 47 brand and are designed by Roland Iten, a name to look out for. Resembling something between a bracelet and a watch, it features the same mechanism used in Swiss watch-making. Plated with 18k rose and white gold, these machines are made of the metal recycled from AK-47s, which are found all throughout Africa.

The pair could be clipped together to be worn as a bracelet or kept separately and enjoyed as extremely attractive cufflinks. More than anything, the message behind these cufflinks is what has created a buzz. They’ve been crafted in an attempt to disprove all sorts of violence caused with these guns. The producers have revealed that producing even one of these cufflinks eliminated 100 guns! Although not very cheap, they are every bit worth the price for the cause it supports.          -