Focused on Fashion - Prianka Sharma

Hyderabad-based Prianka Sharma is young, enterprising and super talented. With an Indian father and Argentinian mom, she’s a perfect mix of the two cultures. A photographer by profession, this self-taught young woman has brought numerous stills to life, and excels in working with natural light and in strategic spaces. Read on ahead to find out more.

From biotechnology to photography… an interesting transition!
The incentive to continue with something related to art was always present. And I guess, one should follow their passion. For that reason, it was very rewarding on a personal level to take a risk for the life and career I wanted.

What made you change and pick photography as a career?
When I had my first reflex camera at the age of 17, I started to travel with her, and I realised that I would like a lifestyle that would give me this freedom. That’s what made me pick photography as it was the best ally.

What kind of projects do you take on?
My favourite projects are fashion editorials, especially when they’re related to a theme of social and environmental impact. My first project was to represent the Latin American culture, seeking inspiration from nature, enhancing the feminine black beauty and giving a modern style. I think as a Latina and an Indian, who desires to learn and support social causes with low environmental impact. That’s one of the things I learned travelling through my continent and India, and I would like to project it from my photographic perspective. The other things that I want to do are to support our entrepreneurs and sustainable fashion.

What do you specialise in?
While I was doing my courses in fashion production and art direction, I got a chance to work as a fashion producer assistant and did projects for fashion films. That was in addition to working with advertising agencies that helped me get freelance jobs in fashion, commercial and portrait photography.

Among the various gadgets you own, are there any you wish you hadn’t bought?
No, not really. I don’t regret having bought anything as such, as I always like to try and give usefulness to every device I’ve had. But since I was travelling quite a lot last year, I decided to go for the most practical and light devices, as they’re easy to carry. 

Whose work has influenced you the most and why?
I admire several photographers, but I think that my biggest influence in fashion photography was Richard Avedon. He incorporated movement, sensations and emotions into the genre, and also endowed the models with an identity and prominence.

What’s the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
I wish I knew that the rules are all meant to be broken.

Where do you see yourself a few years from now?
I think in five years from now, I’ll be refining my skills and becoming more confident in my work and voice. I hope to acquire new projects that make me proud, and someday have my own exhibition of photographs.

How did you end up in Hyderabad? 
Hyderabad is where my closest relatives are based, so I’ve been visiting the city most of my life. But it was only recently that I decided to pick this as my base in India, for the sole reason that it is such an easy city; adapting to the lifestyle here was quite easy and pleasant for me.

What kind of a person are you?
I’m easy going and I try to have a minimalist and light lifestyle. I feel that’s the way to create better results in life and to live with minimal stress.        – as told to Anahita