Flawlessly Dazzling and Articulate - Sonakshi Sinha

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If talent had a face, it would be Sonakshi Sinha. After five power-packed  performances last year and with several plum assignments to her name, our Cover girl for May is hot on the heels of success. Just like her alter ego on Social Media, Sonakshi’s exclusive interview in our Cover Story is candid, vibrant, warm, and asli.

We’ve also put together a visual treat made up of culinary ones. Check out our Special Feature where People from all around the country took time to share a favourite recipe to spice up our stay at home. In this month’s first people in Focus is Surabhi Sehgal, a culinary artist whose work involves the process of cooking, placing, arranging garnishing food and playing around with props and backdrops to give the food a makeover. We also have Alka Butail Chopra, a home baker and a floral artist, who talks about food and its spirit, her work as a floral artist, and her mantra for success.

Celebrities – they’re just like us! While many actors may have access to more help than the average mother, celebrity mums have more in common with you than meets the eye. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we honour some of our favourite celebrity Mom’s on motherhood, their career, and the ones who are proud to let their sexy side show even after having kids. Read our Feature Story to know about the supermoms of Tinseltown, who switch roles daily between their family and professional obligations.

These days, most people recognise the importance of keeping physically fit and the long-term health benefits that exercise can bring. However, your brain sometimes needs an extra push to stay healthy, alert and on top of things. With the current situation that is filled with uncertainty and fear, it’s easy to forget that our brains can get rusty with disuse, just as our muscles weaken without exercise. This month in Mind & Body, we share tips on how to give your brain that daily jumpstart it needs! Grand Getaways has our three favourite destinations that can help you get rid of all your lockdown stress! Last but not least, Wedding Moments covers the big day of Akshara and Anant, which was celebrated with great gusto.

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