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Tender and delicious flavored Lamb chops are an absolute delight to eat and this will be an easy recipe to make if your craving for mouth watering Indian delicacies. Gajrela Sandwich with Pistachio Rabri is a popular North Indian dish made with traditional dessert Rabri with healthy Pistachio nuts and carrot sandwich. Executive Chef Rajeev Janveja from Taj Banjara has shared these two scrumptious dishes.  

Adraki Lamb Chops

Adraki Lamb Chops

lamb chops 
ginger-garlic (paste) 
turmeric (powder)
papaya (paste)
red chilly (paste)
hung curd
jeera (powder) 
garam masala (powder)
pepper (ground)
kasoori methi (powder)
kebab chini (powder)
cinnamon (powder) 
mustard oil
capsicum (diced)
onion (diced
tomato (diced)

  2 tsp
  to taste
 ½ t sp
 1 Tbsp
 1 Tbsp
 150 gm
  ½ tsp
  10 gm
  ½ tsp
  5 gm
  5 gm
  ½ tsp
  50 ml


  1. Marinate the lamb chops in ginger garlic paste, salt, turmeric powder, papaya paste and red chilly paste, set aside for two hours.
  2. Marinate chops and diced vegetables overnight in refrigerator in hung curd in which jeera powder, garam masala, pepper powder, kasoori methi, kebab chini, salt and cinnamon powder are whisked in, and mustard oil. 
  3. Cook marinated lamb chops in tandoor for 18-20 minutes. Cook the marinated diced vegetables (Shaslik) also separately on a skewer
  4. Remove lamb from tandoor and vegetables from the skewer, arrange on a plate and serve with choice of naan or paratha and salad.
  5. Pour mutton gravy over preparation.

Gajrela Sandwich with Pistachio Rabri

Gajrela Sandwich with Pistachio Rabri

green cardamom (powder)
pistachio paste (blanched)
gold leaf / silver leaf 

 500 gm
 4 lts
 500 gm
 500 gm
 100 gm
 ½ tsp
 30 gm

Carrot halwa

  1. Grate carrot and cook it in half the milk.
  2. Just before the milk gets fully absorbed, add 250 gm sugar, cook a bit longer. Now add 200 gm of khoya and ghee, keep frying till ghee starts separating.

Milk barfi mixture

  1. In a kadai, reduce 1 l milk to a quarter of its original quantity. Add 125 gm khova and 125 gm sugar to it, stir continuously till semi-soft. Cool, set aside on a plate. Pistachio rabri
  2. In a kadai, reduce 1 l milk to half of its original quantity. Add 150 gm of khoya and cook further, stirring continuously. 
  3. Once it’s thick, add 125 gm of sugar, cook further. Add pistachio puree and set aside

To assemble:

  1. Set aside thin layers of barfi and gajar halwa mixture in the cold till set. Layer them, garnish with the gold or silver leaves and cut into triangles.  
  2. Warm slightly, garnish with pistachio rabri, garnish with gold leaf and serve.