Flash of Brilliance

At the end of a quiet street in Banjara Hills, built on an area of 8,500 square feet and complete with a sprawling garden, stands the house of builder Narsaiah Maddey, his wife Manjula, and their daughter Rishita. This week we take a peek inside this delightful home, Eshanya, that communes with nature and delivers a lesson in elegance.

When you think of a traditionally designed home, it’s hard not to conjure up outdated thoughts of an interior courtyard with a wooden railing or rafters supporting the layers of roof, and Chesterfield lounges. This is a hallmark of a bygone traditional design, and often not welcome in any contemporary, light-loving age.  

But for architect and interior design firm Sudhir Reddy and Associates, it was this tradition which informed them about this project – a family home in a leafy suburb. Taking inspiration from modern design, yet classically informed architecture of the house, the interiors were commissioned to reflect the outside design. However, the designer pulled it off by melding tradition with a contemporary and modern purpose.

Tucked away in Banjara Hills stands a beguiling three-floor bungalow that has been a labour of love for the Maddeys. Measuring more than 8,500 square feet, the villa includes a drawing room, a family area, home theatre, three bedrooms, and an open kitchen. “Throughout the interiors, a minimalist, clean-lined sensibility prevails,” says Manjula. The interior designer kept the main living spaces white, incorporating different textures, patterns, and subdued colour through the furnishings. “We are not a big fan of a lot of colours, but rather wanted the design to stand out. We also wanted to be sure that the interiors didn’t come off as cold, as is the case in some contemporary spaces,” Manjula adds. “Shades of browns and whites with pops of pastels help the space feel collected and interesting.”

Even though it wasn’t easy to find pieces that checked all the boxes – the right colour scheme and style – the couple persevered.  

Entering the bungalow, the airy double-height atrium features glass walls, a wrought-iron sofa, and a modern lighting. “Here there is a good mix of a customised fixture, which has been designed by arranging strings and LED lights to bring in a harmonious style that it is almost as if they are designed to be a set,” states Manjula. Then comes the family area on the right, with direct access to the open kitchen and dining space, giving the entire floor a pleasing circular flow. The Botticino marble floor here and throughout the house creates a visual connection to the chandelier, while the curtain provides a striking backdrop. “Lighting was an essential decorative element so the house can keep traditional design territory out. For example, glorious chandeliers hang both in the main living and dining spaces,” Manjula explains.

Upstairs, the first-floor lobby area is superbly refined. There’s a sitting area, which has a yellow sofa to bring some brightness into the room. For the master bedroom, the designers opted for a two-seater sofa, a table, and a bed. “It’s very personal to us, and it feels simple, modern yet classic at the same time,” she emphasises. “To create a sense of serenity, we chose a palette of white and tan for the walls and bedroom décor. However, in the home theatre and bathrooms, we have used a combination of different brown shades,” she adds. The residence also boasts large marble-clad bathroom with sleek finishings and a jacuzzi.  

Throughout the home, the Maddeys struck a note of uncluttered warmth by combining new, old and vintage pieces while emphasising its simple, modern architecture. Ranging from traditional to modern, and abstract to representational – ancient urns and the complementary vase and crystal decanters – these treasures are anything but bland. Although the architecture of the bungalow allows for plenty of light, the family has been sure to include light-giving elements, such as glass walls and sheer curtains to reflect the sun and allow rooms to make the most of the Hyderabad weather. With a fabulous view, and a décor to match, the Maddeys clearly enjoy every moment in their house. When asked about her favourite spot in the home, Manjula reveals, “Without a doubt, the gazebo in the garden.”   

– Anisha