In a Fix Beauty Fixes

At-home solutions for recurring beauty problems? Here you go!

Avoid mascara smears. A business card doubles as an excellent eye makeup tool in this case. When you’re applying mascara, place a card one behind your upper lashes or underneath your lower lashes, and you’ll see that you have mess-free, clean eyes. Acting like a shield, the card will let you work the wand to the base of your lashes without leaving stains.

Refresh your makeup without a mirror. If you feel that your tiredness is showing on your skin, there’s no need to redo your makeup. A colourless hydrating balm will revive your look in a jiffy. Dab it onto your cheekbones, lids, and lips for a quick pick-me-up.

Spruce up your nails in seconds. If you don’t have time for a manicure, cleaning and brightening your nails can be done by buffing them with a toothbrush and a dab of whitening toothpaste. Finish with a swipe of hydrating cuticle oil for a pretty result. You can make any nail colour look more vibrant by applying a base coat of white polish. This will make the colour pop! Need to dry your nail polish faster? Dunk your fingers in a bowl of cold water for around two minutes and you’re ready to roll.

Make your fragrance last. To up the staying power of your perfume, apply an unscented lotion all over your body first. Your pores will absorb the lotion, which will cause the fragrance to break down more slowly and stick around longer.

Style your hair in your sleep. Spritz dry shampoo along your roots before bedtime. It will absorb the excess oil from your scalp and your hair will feel extra fresh come morning.