Five Indian Spices to Boost your Immune System

The deadly coronavirus has indeed proved to be a great threat to the human race. With the number of cases rising at an alarming rate, and lack of proper healthcare,  we must all come to terms with the grave reality. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to prevent the collapse of the healthcare system by flattening the curve. The only way to prevent the spread of the  virus is to follow all the safety precautions. 

Along with following all the safety protocols, it is also important to focus on strengthening the immune system. Making your body stronger and your immune system is the best way to fight against any disease. One of the effective ways to make sure you're protecting your body against all the infections is by consuming good food. Apart from feeding your body with fresh vegetables and fruits, make sure to include spices in your daily diet. Due to their medicinal properties, Indian spices are known to cure several health ailments. 

Five Indian spices to boost your immune system - 

1.    Ginger- Did you know certain chemical compounds in ginger help your body to ward off germs? Yes you heard it right. Since ancient times, ginger has been used to cure cold and other infections. This amazing spice is also known to boost the metabolism and stimulate blood flow. 
2.    Clove- Clove is another popular spice that is in medicines since ages. Due to its anti inflammatory properties, it is used to treat pain, aches and sore throat. One of the best ways to incorporate clove in your daily diet is to chew on some cloves after you wake up. 

3.    Cardamom- This amazing spice is popularly used in chai and also to make Indian sweets. Cardamom works wonders on your skin, it also keeps your body warm and helps it fight against harmful bacteria. 
4.    Turmeric- Turmeric is another widely used spice as it contains healing powers. It is rich in anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, all of which strengthen the immune system. 
5.    Black pepper- Black pepper is known as the ‘king of spices’. It not only adds a nice flavour to any dish but is also extremely healthy. It is high in antioxidants and antiinflammatory properties. Not only is it good for digestion but also elevates your immunity level.        - Akhila