Five DIY Rakhis for Raksha Bandhan

What are your plans to make this Raksha Bandhan special for you and your brother this year? How about making it special with some customised rahkis for him? Here we have a few DIY rakhis you can try at home:

Sticker Rakhi for Kids: Your kids will enjoy making them at home. They can choose any sticker, from cartoon characters, animals, vehicles, smileys, and birds to butterflies. Cut a satin ribbon to the desired length and glue the sticker (preferably thick and ‘felt’ stickers) on it. You can also stick them on a foam base, apart from using felt stickers.

Button Rakhi: This DIY Rakhi is easy to make and fun-loving too! Cut a satin ribbon to the desired length and glue the button at the center of the ribbon. Try a combination of buttons in different sizes to make different patterns.

Gota Rakhi: Using gota flowers are a creative way to make you rakhi. You can also use embellishments to make a cute one. Cut a small circle from a glitter foam sheet, which needs to be smaller than the gota flower. Fix this on the gota flower. Now, stick a small accessory or make cute patterns in the center of the glittering circle and glue the thing on a ribbon.

Butterfly and Flowers Rakhi: Cut a silver ribbon to the desired length and paste the butterfly-shaped foam. Now, stick flower-shaped buttons on either side of the butterfly. And voila! Your rakhi is ready.

Jute Flower Rakhi: Try some nature-friendly jute flowers to make your rakhi special. Stick a small jute flower on a bigger one, preferably in a different colour. Now, stick crystal embellishments in the middle of the small jute flower. Finally, paste the whole thing on a satin ribbon. Your rakhi is ready!

Apart from the above, you can also make emoji rakhis, crystal rakhis, heart rakhis, and many more. All you have to do is use your imagination and creativity!