Fitness diaries: Sayali Bhagat

What do you do to stay in shape?
An active lifestyle contributes to me being in shape. I just can’t approve myself to sit still. "I crave activity; being busy makes me feel accomplished. I'm so used to having everything scheduled -- be here at 5 a.m. and there at 7 a.m. I want to put my energy into pursuing new passions as well as new adventures with my family, "bike, hike, swim, walk the dogs and play catch or kick the soccer ball around the yard are also significant contribution to the process of staying in shape. It's less about my weight or wanting my body to look a certain way and more about wanting the confidence in my ability to do whatever activity I choose to do.

You are in phenomenal shape, especially your abs! What are some of your favorite moves for your toned abs?
Doing the same set of exercises day in and day out can be boring! So I mix up my workout regime as follows,
Day 1 — upper body workout                                           
Day 2 — abdomen workout
Day 3 — legs and lower body workout
Day 4 — gluteus maximus (butt) workout
Day 5 — upper body workout
Day 6 — abdomen and gluteus maximus workouts

What does your diet consist of?
Eating healthy doesn't require suffering. There's a tendency to think food has to be bland and boring for it to be good for you, but there are so many healthy ways to add flavor to your meals. We grill a lot, which gives food a wonderful smoky flavor. I put cinnamon on everything -- my coffee, my oatmeal, my yogurt -- and I keep a mini herb garden on my windowsill that I use to flavor all kinds of things. A turkey roll-up with cheese, tomato and hummus feels gourmet and incredibly satisfying when you add a little fresh basil. Almonds. I keep a supply of them in my purse. My other favorite is Greek yogurt with blueberries, cinnamon and a little agave with slivered almonds on top. It's just delicious.

What's your number one easy fitness tip to get bikini-body ready for?
There is no easy or swift way to get a bikini body. One has to undergo rigorous strict regimes to look to look spectacular in a bikini, which requires an ongoing endeavour.Fitness is 70% diet and the rest is exercise.I do a lot of freehand weights and four to five sets of stretching exercises with 10 to 20 reps, in between pilates or stretching routines. I don’t particularly like running so I don’t do a lot of conventional gym exercises.My workout includes jumping; biceps curls with suitable weights, power running and ends with a plank hold...I always say living a healthy lifestyle  with  good workout routine, good sleep and good food contributes to a towering level. Without any of these points, one cannot avail a healthy and a fit body to be bikini ready. Eat on time and eat the right food is my mantra.

When you know you have to be in a bikini or you have to do a certain photoshoot do you ever add anything to your routine? Is there anything special you do to get toned up right before?
Impulsive Exercising and strictness to one’s diet is my way of preparing myself before a shoot in bikini. Implementing 800 calorie diet in a day and ensuring burning of calories up to 1000 calories, is sure to contribute to the formation of the glass figure required to be in a bikini.