First Move features Lauren Gottlieb and ace choreographer Bertwin D’Souza in a new statement video from the UnBlushed series

When was the last time you saw a girl making the first move towards the guy she likes? Happens very rarely, right? Or perhaps, doesn’t happen at all? Have you ever thought why? May be girls are shy, maybe they think that’s not the right way. We are living in the 21st century but a woman ‘making the first move’ is still an alien concept in not just our country but in many parts of the world. Maybe we need to open up a bit on this! And this latest video First Move by Culture Machine and Close Up is going to bust all myths.

Released on Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush, this is video is part of the UnBlushed series. Featuring ravishing model and actress Lauren Gottlieb along with ace choreographer Bertwin D’Souza, the video breaks one of the most widespread beliefs and prejudices prevalent today – that it’s not suitable for a woman to make the first move!

The film follows Lauren Gottlieb and Bertwin D’Souza essaying colleagues stuck in a drab meeting at an office with no escape. The film then showcases Lauren’s imagination where they play out their mutual attraction and sexual tension through a sensual dance sequence and shows her taking the lead and asking her colleague out once she snaps out of her daydream. This sends across a strong message that a lady can also make the first move and celebrate her sensuality!

Location and Video courtesy : Blush channel