Finding Norway

I travel a lot thanks to my line of work, and this time it took me to Europe for the shoot of some of my recent films. Europe in the summer is always a wonderful experience. On this trip, I was able to visit exotic, isolated locations that most leisure tourists may not know very well.

On one of these shoots, I visited Norway, a dream destination for those who love nature and the outdoors. I spent almost a week there, travelling by road across the country to the most remote locations. We travelled in trailers all around Norway, vagabond style, stopping to shoot in the most breath-taking locations.

One would think that after a couple of days, there wouldn’t be anything new to see. But my road trip felt like a reverie, transporting me back to childhood memories of reading stories about faraway lands full of trolls, myths and other magical elements! It was an unforgettable experience. Never having shot so close to wonders of nature like waterfalls and fjords, I forgot I was working; it felt like I was on an adventure!
Norway has much to offer every kind of traveller, and the seemingly endless sightseeing spots ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. The country is known for its many mountains, glaciers and plateaus. The beauty in eastern Norway is something everybody must experience, and there is an unbelievable amount of greenery. Trøndelag consists of long beaches, infinite rivers and massive waterfalls.
When I said Norway has something for everyone, I meant it. There are even plenty of national parks with beautiful flora, fauna and a variety of marine and wildlife species. Norway is home to a wide variety of birds, and is considered one of the best locations for birdwatchers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t check them out due to the hectic shoot schedules, but I’ve already put that on top of my list for the next time I visit this amazing country.

Apart from Oslo, the country’s capital and busiest city, there are plenty of small, peaceful towns such as Molde, where we stayed for two nights. To get there, we had to cross the Atlantic Road, something I recommend to every tourist when in Norway. It runs over the waters of Norway and is known to be one of the best-built bridges in the world. It was quite the spectacle!
Another unique experience was when we passed through the Laerdal Tunnel; it’s 25 km long and is probably the only tunnel in the world to host live performances inside. It was lit up blue at night, and the gentle music was the perfect addition to an exquisite experience.
One of the places we got to shoot was a beautiful natural rock formation called Kannesteinen. Of its many peaks, Galdhøpiggen is Norway’s highest, and the view from there is simply stunning. It overlooks valleys, fjords, and a beautiful array of different coloured flora and fauna – even the clouds are different colours!

The Vøringsfossen and Geiranger are popular spots for kayaking and other aquatic activities, thanks to the glorious waters. One simply must try kayaking in a clear, blue fjord – Geiranger has a waterfall called Seven Sisters, and one of the best resorts in the country. We were very fortunate to enjoy a two-night stop here.

Nigardsbreen Glacier is another place recommended for its view. There are plenty of ski slopes for those who want to explore their adventurous side, and my crew and I did just that. It was an experience that I cannot put down in words – one must go and experience it to understand the wonder!
The highlight of my trip to Norway was the strawberry farms en route from one destination to another, each abundant with fresh, juicy berries. We stopped for a good two hours, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. I was like a kid on her first visit to Disneyland!

I love trying new cuisines; sampling local food helps me better understand the people and culture of a place. Norwegian cuisine is varied, so we experimented with local food in small cafés and fresh produce on farms. I highly recommend the famous Norwegian salmon and other fresh seafood, paired with locally produced wine.
I didn’t get a chance to do much shopping in Norway – I just managed to pick up a few cute souvenirs for my family and friends. Despite my marathon shooting schedule, I felt calm amidst the natural beauty of Norway. Anyone contemplating a vacation to a breath-taking, peaceful destination (especially nature lovers and adventurous souls) should definitely put Norway at the top of his list.     
                                                           – Kajal Aggarwal