FIFA World Cup 2018 – Germany Just Got Bounced Out! –Shocking Loss To South Korea

The FIFA World Cup, which takes place every four years, has come around once more, making football fanatics all over the world go crazy. Team Germany, who won the 2014 World Cup, has now been knocked out of the tournament without even making it out of the preliminary Group Stage. They played against South Korea on June 27th, losing 2-0. It seemed as though Germany would advance as the game was ending, but amazing goals by 28-year-old Kim Young-gwon and 25-year-old Son Heung-min took the cake, dooming the defending champions. They lost previously to Mexico – 1-0 – then defeated Sweden – 2-1 – and now with their latest casualty, the team had to bid goodbye to this years’ World Cup. Fans of the team were outraged, resulting in quite a few passionate tweets about the loss. One fan tweeted, “Good riddance Germany”. “MEXICO HOW YOU LOSE TO SWEDEN. AND GERMANY… HOW THE [f*ck] DO YOU LOSE TO KOREA?????” another added. “The World Cup curse of champions continues latest casualty #GERMANY”, while some were confused, “Wtf Germany, just wtf?!” 

That is not all though. Germany did not only get eliminated but also finished last in Group F due to their previous loss. Their only victory being against Sweden, the team just couldn’t step it up this season. Blågult won the F group, owing to their surprising victory over Mexico - 3-0. Mexico would also have leveled up, despite the loss, due to defeated Germany and South Korea. The infamous “curse of the champions” might actually exist, considering Germany is now the fourth defending champion in the past five World Cup tournaments to have been kicked out in the group stage, according to Yahoo! Sports. It started with France, back in 2002. It then moved on to Italy in 2010 and Spain in 2014. Another fact that makes this curse plausible is that Germany has not been eliminated in the first round since 1938! The Knockout stage of the World Cup now consists of Mexico, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, Croatia and Argentina. Predictions say that England and Belgium are going to full the empty spots up, while Brazil, Switzerland, and Serbia will be in the field fighting for the spots in Group E and Japan, Senegal and Colombia will fight in Group H.

-Rubaina Bilgrami
– FIFA World Cup Instagram