The Baguette, created by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997, immediately became a cult object; a true phenomenon of the fashion world. It revolutionised the entire industry by defining an archetype of style. The timeless 3Baguette is a contemporary reinterpretation of the original, maintaining its original shape, but making it more sheer and structured, with new special mechanisms of the lock and various perspectives of the bag. It’s ideal for the cool urban woman who lives all 24 hours with the same bag.

The innovative mechanic buckle, the double FF, goes from being a decorative element to a purely functional one: the lock. It rotates and decomposes in tiny scattered lines while the bag opens... and closes. The 3Baguette has also been redesigned in a thinner, very sophisticated way. Its double-pleated body extends, creating a larger space inside where you can perfectly store cell phones, credit card holders, and more. And thanks to the transformable strap, it can be worn short under the arm or long aside the body, or the strap can be rotated and placed under the bag to carry as a pochette – the three lives of the 3Baguette!

“When I created the Baguette, it was mainly a simple, personal desire for change from traditional bags, originating perhaps from some kind of dissatisfaction with 90s minimalism. I believe that the homologation of minimalism is restrictive in the creative process,” states Silvia Venturini Fendi. “Now, after almost two decades, the will to reinterpret the Baguette and give it a contemporary and interesting functional twist, plays with the most iconic part: the buckle.”