Fast, Elegant, and Great Looking

Daring curves, deep creases, and bulging fenders give the Q60 Red Sport 400 an undeniably athletic form, and it’s got the legs to bac it up. Under the hood is a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V-6 engine that gives out 400 hp; a seven-speed automatic routes the power to either the rear or all four wheels, often with tire-spinning enthusiasm. Progressive and modern, yet dynamic and moving, this is the sports coupe you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Signature Design

The dynamic proportions make a purpose-built statement—low enough to stick to the ground, yet wide enough to deliver greater stability. A low hood height provides an unobstructed view of the road so you truly feel connected to everything around you.

Eye-inspired LED headlights give a provocative stare that can be seen from both, the front and side. The optional Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS) improves visibility at intersections and around curves, turning the headlights as you rotate the steering wheel.

Q60 features a front and rear Zero Lift design that helps keep the vehicle stable at high speeds, helping to mitigate unforeseen aero effects on the vehicle’s path. It also helps keep the vehicle more stable in cross-wind situations.

An optional carbon fibre exterior package tacks on some extra aggression with a new carbon fibre lip spoiler, side skirts, and vents, while an optional Dynamic Sunstone Red paint job enhances the already elegant look.


Tailored to complement the human form, the cabin celebrates the driver with bold thinking and fine modern materials. With optional white leather seats, a silver optic fibre trim on the dash and door panels, and black leather with accent stitching on the steering wheel and dash, the interior is drool-worthy. Crafted to blend comfort with science, the all-new driver’s seat performs on a higher design level and provides plenty of legroom for both driver and passenger. The cabin has plenty of headroom, too, and is whisper quiet thanks in part to a Bose Active Noise Cancellation system, standard on all models.


The biturbo 3.0-litre V6 delivers power smoothly – and most importantly – free of lag, sending 400 horses and 350 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels via a 7-speed automatic (an
all-wheel-drive option is available). The Q60 Red Sport is genuinely powerful in a straight line, even in its standard drive setting. Infiniti clocks the coupe at 4.5 seconds to 60. A personal mode is also available that allows drivers to adjust the respective systems, including the steering and suspension, independently of each other.


The entire Q60 range comes standard with Infiniti’s InTuition central control unit, which uses two screens instead of one. In this case, the top screen is reserved for the optional InTouch navigation system, while the lower screen handles HVAC systems, phone connectivity, radio controls, and other in-car features.

Its innovative Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection not only measures the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, but also the speed of both vehicles. It also detects pedestrians, helping the driver identify a potential collision. The car has a Blind Spot Warning System that helps alert the driver to vehicles detected in the blind spot area. An indicator light illuminates if the presence of another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area. If the driver engages the turn signal, the indicator flashes and an audible warning sound is heard. And with the available Blind Spot Intervention, if your Q60 begins to merge into a lane with another vehicle, the system will automatically engage the opposite side brakes, correcting to help keep you in your lane.     – Source: Press Release