Fashion Powerhouses and pandemic - Diana Penty

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Alternative medicine is distinct from experimental medicine, it is inexpensive and patient oriented. It is also necessary to blend modern medicine with ancient technologies so that an effective medical umbrella is provided to our heterogenous population.Since a vaccine and highly effective treatments for COVID-19 are not yet available, perhaps it’s time to turn to some alternative methods?Read our Feature Story to learn more about a few types of alternative treatments and medicationsthat may be helpful.

Dazzling the cover is gorgeous Diana Penty, who wowed everyone in a blue Diya Rajvvir’s number at a fashion week. Talking about fashion, it changes as per the new styles and trends offered up every season. To meet those demands, it must keep the supply chain working at full steam to ship out the latest fashions at lightning speed. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, so does its impact. Instead of showcasing creations at fashion weeks and people purchasing these clothes from the stores, designers are now faced with the necessity to think of creative alternatives to keep their businesses operating. In our Cover Story, we tell you how the outbreak has impacted the fashion industry and how are the designers rewiring it. 

In our Special Feature this month, we have Manoj Khetan, Dr Harald Stossier, Aashica Khanna, and Alejandro Bataller sharing how the pandemic has changed the industry and what lies ahead for wellness in the world.
Moving on in People in Focus, we have Irina Sharma, Founder of Ekadaa PR and Co-founder of SIAliv about her journey with cancer and how she chose alternative medicine to battle the disease. We also have an interesting interview with Anita Trehan, owner of Chaiwali in Harlem, New York, and talks about her restaurant, the menu, and how she’s been dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

SwanzalKak Kapoor, the design principal and co-founder at Saka studio, has a vision and evinces a unique character, decisiveness, and solid thinking. In Sensational Spaces, the architect talks about her creative projects, which are known for their strong concepts and distinctive forms.

What you eat, drink, and your lifestyle has a significant impact on your energy. And certain foods may fortify your immune system too, helping it fight off viruses that could make you sick. This month’s Mind and Body is focused towards eating healthy along with consuming proper nutrition, so you can enjoy the monsoon while keeping up with your fitness goals. In Grand Getaways we join model and actress Donal Bisht on her rather eclectic trip to Leh in Jammu and Kashmir. 
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