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Sonali Pamnani talks with You & I
Sonali Pamnani, budding fashion designer from Hyderabad who recently showcased her work at the Amazon India Fashion Week, talks to You & I about her journey, work and plans.
Did you always have a calling for the field of fashion and design?
I always had a passion for design. At first I wavered between interior and fashion design, but finally chose fashion. I love textiles and creating beautiful things with them!
You’ve interned with well-known designer Nida Mahmood. How did that experience help you?
After graduating from NIFT, I went to Mumbai for a year. Working with Nida completely changed my perspective on designing. She taught me not to be afraid of colour, how it is important to be extremely passionate about what you decide to do with your brand, and how to stay true to your design aesthetic.
How was The Meraki Project conceptualised?
I wanted to create a brand that strikes a chord with where I come from. It was very important for me to keep rooted to the versatile textiles of our beautiful country. Creating clothes that tell a story with a lot of heart and soul is of utmost importance to me, and that’s how The Meraki Project was born. The brand celebrates women in every shape and size; it is about creating garments that do not overpower a woman, but enhance her personality.
What would you say is your signature style when it comes to designing?
My signature style is chic, wearable, functional, fun, and a mix of traditional taste and a modern minimalistic aesthetic. My clients range from 16 to 50 years.
Sonali Pamnani 
What’s next for The Meraki Project?
We just showcased at the Amazon India Fashion Week, and are still recovering from the tremendous response that we received. We have a lot of exciting things lined up for next year, but the first thing that I am looking into is the launch of our e-commerce website by the beginning of 2016.
How do you see Hyderabad growing in terms of upcoming designers and new labels?
Hyderabad is slowly but surely catching up on the fashion scene. We have so many talented designers from Hyderabad making their presence felt nationally as well as internationally. It is an amazing feeling to see the city grow so much, and in such a short time.
Any advice on what should be an essential part of one’s winter wardrobe?
Sweater dresses are my absolute favourite essential this winter. They are very stylish and go a long way towards keeping the cold out.
What do you like doing when you are not working?
I believe that a designer is always working. We do not have a 9 to 5 job! But in my free time I love reading, going out with friends, travelling and generally spending time with the people I love.                                                                              — as told to Vatika

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