Fashion First - Trishala Kamath

Bubbly, fun, hyper, and free-spirited – Trishala Kamath is a relatively new, but a well-known blogger in the city. A graduate in Fashion Merchandising and Business Management, the twenty-something prefers keeping her content minimal, quirky and relatable. In conversation with this pretty face, we found out more about her journey. 

What inspired you to start your blog?
The genesis of blogging for me occurred when my cousin and I had gone on a holiday to Rajasthan. I was taking photos to keep his friends updated on his travel experience through social media. The hotel, we stayed at, caught wind of my posts, and loved the pictures so much, they gave us a three-bedroom suite upgrade! That’s when my cousin suggested I should become a blogger. I always believed I had the potential and having the appreciation of such a level gave me the confidence to leap of faith. I have never been happier! 

Trishala Kamath

Can you run us through the process of creating digital content?
First comes the mood board of the shoot, where I brainstorm and come up with looks and themes that I want for the content after that comes the bit of getting a team on board; sourcing outfits, getting a photographer, hair and makeup, finalising the location, making them understand the theme etc. Then comes the part where we shoot till we get what we want, and lastly, editing and coming up with accurate captions and hashtags that would bring maximum reach to the post. 

What about the monitory aspect of this?
 I believe bloggers and influencers or digital creators are the more true carriers of advertising there is today. You would rather believe an individual who you can connect on Instagram and share their whole life with the audience than someone on a billboard. There is a sense of understanding and trust. They depend on you for promoting the right brands, the quality, and the efficacy of the products. In this digital age where you can interact with just about anyone with ease, it’s a unique form of engagement. You begin to understand their personality, and then you begin to understand their goals and commitments. At such a point of interaction, blogging tends to be the most direct and efficient form of advertising. 

"I would never post something that’s not me."

We heard you were planning to start your own event management company…
Besides creating digital content, I also help my father with our family business and at times, plan and host events in the city. I love my social life and planning events and inviting my social circle to those and genuinely watching it go well is always fun! I feel passionate about this and have so much fun doing so, besides blogging, I think I see a lot of potential in that area which had led me to start my own company, but COVID clearly changed my plans, but maybe one day in the future I shall execute this successfully. 

Trishala Kamath

How much of your personality is reflected through your posts? 
I’m a fun-loving, hyperactive, bubbly, happy go lucky, and have a goofy personality, and it reflects on my Instagram page. Whether it’s my outfits or marketing in a supermarket - I make sure I add my personality to my feed. I would never post something that’s not me. It’s tough to capture the same feel of the post when you can’t be you. It may look the same, but it always feels off when I can’t be myself.

One thing you wish you could blog about…
I always wanted to blog about styling my partner; I haven’t gotten a chance to style men, and I know it would be a cool experience.

Trishala Kamath

What is one lesser-known fact about you?
That no matter how social I might seem, in the end, I’d prefer my dog in my bed, a box of Krispy Kreme and Netflix over any outing. Another thing I can think about is how much I love romantic and drama movie genres, but in reality, I am the least dramatic or romantic person ever. For me an ideal romantic date would be watching a classic Shah Rukh Khan movie, and stuffing down food, that’s romantic right? (smiles)      - as told to Anahita